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Fast firmware update

To update Hermod:
● remove Hermod from your eurorack case, push and release the micro SD card
● put the micro SD inside the SD adapter and insert it in your computer
● drag the "hermod.bin" file into the micro SD card (do not change the file name)
● insert the SD card in Hermod
● power on Hermod while holding the encoder and wait a few seconds
● the version is displayed on the startup screen

Download hermodOS 1.10

● we encourage users to regularly backup projects besides the SD card
● in case of any issues while updating the firmware or saving projects, please format your SD card with your computer ("FAT32" with Windows, "MS-DOS FAT" with Mac)

For now on, every bug reports & suggestions must be sent here:

hermodOS V1.10
september 22, 2018

New features

● AUTOLOAD: now Hermod loads at startup the last saved or loaded projet (hold STEP at startup to direclty load a new project).
● New parameter GATE RETRIG is added in the effect MIDI. If enable, the track will re-trigger the gate output each time a new note is overlapping an other note, in order to break the glide/legato. In other words, when a new note is sent to the CV output, the GATE output will always be triggered.
● Hard Rec: in STEP mode, hold Y and press REC to enable a "hard rec" recording (= no overdub). Previously recorded notes will be overwritten.
● CV inputs: added parameters in SETTINGS > CLOCK > CV TRANSPORT = CV PLAY A/B/C/D. A continuous high level on a CV input will play Hermod, a low level will stop Hermod and reset the player position ("DIN sync" start/stop standard).
● CV inputs: added parameters in SETTINGS > CLOCK > CV TRANSPORT = CV REC A/B/C/D. A continuous high level on a CV input will enable the recording, a low level will disable the recording.
● Project Menu: NEW PROJECT is added at the end of the list.
● LFO: now, the LFO EFFECT range can be set up to 200% in order to get the maximum output voltage of +/-5V.

Bug fixes

● Fixed a bug making gate output always high (because of a stuck notes), when using some USB controllers (eg the Keystep).
● CV IN sync: fixed a bug making Hermod to start with a latency when SETTINGS > CLOCK > CLOCK SOURCE = CV A/B/C/D.
● LFO FX: unsync problem with some rates (eg 1/8) now fixed.
● DELAY FX: DRY/WET=100% now never play the original note.
● Loop Full: fixed a bug making Hermod to play an other sequence before the end of the FULL loop.
● Fixed a bug making the user interface behaving differently (or making the screen not updating new values) when SETTINGS > CLOCK > SOURCE different from INTERNAL.
● modMatrix: CC11 was missing
● modMatrix: now you can validate a parameter (eg midi:root note) by simply leaving the modmatrix, without clicking the encoder.
● Freeze: Fixed a bug making Hermod to crash when changing sequences (for projects with SETTINGS > CV IN > TRACK X = CV/GATE AB or CD)
● Save As: fixed a bug making Hermod to crash when saving with a long project name.
● New Project: now, every project parameters are reset to initial values after selecting NEW PROJECT.
● Slave mode: fixed a bug making Hermod to play (start) only if songposition was at the very beggining, when slaving Hermod with a DAW.
● Overall stability and timing precision improvements.

hermodOS V1.03
june 18, 2018

Bug fixes

● Hermod tempo always had a 2BPM offset
● Hermod freeze when playing with the ModMatrix parameters
● Hermod freeze when randomizing a pattern on a modulation track
● Sync problem when slaving Hermod with another Hermod via USB, and loading or saving a project on the "master" Hermod
● CV OUT frozen value on a modulation track, when "mod range Max" or "mod range Min" (MIDI FX) is changed
● SEQ mode: when LOOP = FULL, Hermod never jump to the next selected sequence
● COPY/PASTE SEQ: ModMatrix parameters was not paste

Download hermodOS 1.03

hermodOS V1.021
april 25, 2018

Bug fixes

● Analog clock is now sent only when Hermod is playing.
● Fixed an issue making midi slaved instruments to not start from the beggining after a PLAY (when Hermod was midi slaved).

hermodOS V1.02
april 23, 2018

Bug fixes

● When muting an LFO, modulation signal wasn’t going through, it is now solved. Square and S&H were blocking earlier modulation, it is now properly going through.
● When saving and loading a project, Cv clock output was hanging, it is now properly going through.
● Greatly improved internal clock accuracy (from ~0.5% to ~0.07%).
● The hold timings was causing some issue with the play buttons. The timing is now a little longer and the handling process was improved.
● Accessing BPM know works seemlessly
● The reset CV input previously only worked with CV clock, it now works with each clock mode.
● Changing sequence or loading a project wasn’t reloading the modMatrix properly, it is now solved.
● When launching REC with the sequencer stopped, the held note are now correctly recorded.
● In restart playback mode, when a song is running, each sequence will now restart from the beginning.
● In sequence mode, a “full” setting was added to loop length (just before 1). The loop length is set as the longest track length of the sequence.
● Now you can change the loop length without deleting the chain.
● General stability improvement.

hermodOS V1.01
march 29, 2018

Bug fixes

● Fixed an issue with MIDI implementation that would cause problem with some device (Octatrack among others)
● Improved CV clocking stability
● CV clock reset now works properly
● Changed the behaviour of the play button while CV clocked: you can now start/stop the sequencer manually (you also need to start the sequencer manually)
● Fixed some UI bugs (MIDI effect wasn’t showing properly)
● Fixed a bug with the Euclid effect
● Added “RAND” waveform tothe LFO effect (S&H)
● When recording CV input, very short pulses were ignored (Rene in snake mode for example), it now works properly.
● You can now delete a project!
● When a track is emptied, it is now auto-unmuted
● The MIDI output effect now correctly sends note off when a sequence change occur