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Live mode basics
Step mode basics
Track mode basics
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Pyramid 64-track sequencer overview

Modern, easy-to-use & versatile hardware sequencer

Whether you're a studio musician making music from scratch, a live performer looking for a complete solution to manage your set, or a keyboardist who wants a powerful tool to get the best from your instrument, Pyramid provides you with a radical new workflow and almost unlimited possibilities. It will become your ultimate studio centerpiece.

Pyramid is based on 4 colorful modes                     accompanying you from studio to stage:

Live mode
Realtime record your performance with a midi controller, the built-in midi keyboard or the smartpads, with true polyphony and resolution, to fully capture your inspiration.

Step mode
Edit your live performance. Create rhythms and melodies with the advanced step sequencer, without limitations. Generate groovy patterns. Draw CC and effects automation.

 FX + Assign 
Chain MIDI effects to each of the 64 polyphonic tracks. Assign the touchpad, encoders & analog inputs to CC messages and effects parameters.

Track mode
Mute/unmute your 64 tracks on the fly and build your live. Edit in a flash track parameters (length, time signature, zoom, channel...)

Seq mode
Launch your sequences in sync. Arrange and link your sequences (groups of muted/unmuted tracks) to create a complete, structured song.

Pyramid is an instant source of inspiration to start, finish & perform your song!

100% standalone

Pyramid is designed to be the perfect brain for your musical setup, from studio to stage. It brings together a powerful sequencer software, a midi editor, a pattern generator, an effect processor, a controler, an input/output interface and a synchronisation/router box.

Pyramid does not produce sounds. Instead, we have focused our energies on creating an innovative and complete sequencing solution full of tools.

Full connectivity: midi + USB + CV

Connect and control a large range of electronic instruments straight out of the box. Pyramid includes two midi outputs to connect your hardware instruments: analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, effects... You can also use the USB midi out to control your virtual instruments on your computer, and the USB midi in to slave Pyramid with your DAW.

Pyramid embeds a DIN sync output (configurable to Sync48, Sync24,...) that does let you synchronise your vintage instruments.
For modular synth lovers, Pyramid can be a complete sequencing solution thanks to the full CV/Gate + CV "ENV" interface.

With Pyramid's high precision clock, the sequencer becomes a great synchronisation tool for both vintage and recent devices. Your instruments will always keep in time: Pyramid is the heartbeat of your studio.

You can also use Pyramid sequencer as a rock-solid interface box for your MIDI / USB MIDI / CV GATE / DIN SYNC setup: separate clock and midi IN to the two built-in MIDI outputs, filter clock/start stop/cc/pitch/aftertouch/note messages, route midi IN to USB midi OUT, convert CV/Gate IN to USB midi OUT, convert midi IN to CV/Gate output and add effects, convert midi IN clock to analog DIN sync... Even if you use a DAW as your primary sequencer, Pyramid will become an indispensable Swiss knife!

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Capture your inspiration

Record a performance at any time with the built-in keyboard, the smartpads (generates chords, scales or repeats), the touchpad, the 5 encoders or an external controller... with true polyphony and high precision!

You can even use the midi looper mode, in the style of audio looper pedals. Live improvisation recording has never been so easy!

Create polyphonic melodies & rhythms with the advanced step sequencer

Create and arrange complex rhythms and melodies with the full realtime step sequencer, or edit your live recording.

The piano roll view clarifies notes and drums programming. Change the pitch, the velocity, the width and the offset of each note, in a flash. Zoom in (up to 1600%) to surgically edit the track. As Pyramid is fully polyphonic, a step can contain an unlimited number of notes!

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Draw automation

Create CC or FX automation with the touchpad or with the 16 pads.

Create an infinite number of automation per track! Slide the touchpad to draw the automation, or use the 16 pads to edit or add step-lock parameters.

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Generate outstanding euclidean grooves

Pyramid offers one algorithmic euclidean sequencer engine per track, auto generating uncommon and rich rhythmic patterns. Almost all traditional rhythms from across the world can be generated with this tool.

Change the number of total steps, the number of filled steps, the step width, rotate the pattern, all of this on the fly. The displayed euclidean circle helps you to visualize the pattern.

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Deeply play with your tracks

Once your tracks are created, Pyramid offers several ways to play with your sequences: mute/unmute your 64 tracks on the fly, launch sequences (group of tracks), or chain sequences to create a complete, structured song.

You can choose to perform your tracks and sequences in sync (1 bar, 2 bars, ...) or not. It's even possible to play in sync with one beat resolution, a new way to improvise with sequences!

Discover Squarp dynamic MIDI effects

Pyramid integrates state-of-the-art realtime MIDI effects. On each track you can stack 4 powerful effect engines – including quantizer, swing, scaler, delay, equalizer, chance (probability), LFO, randomizer, humanizer, harmonizer, arpeggiator... and many more to come.

The FX manager makes it very simple to set and remove an effect, or to change its place in the chain. You can use the assignable interface to control effects parameters of different tracks: perfect for live performances as well as studio composition.

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Flexible interface

Pyramid includes 5 clickable encoders and a wide touchpad.

You can easily assign any of these controls to an effect parameter or a midi CC message by pressing the "assign" button, and recording the automation. Even the two CV analog inputs can be assigned – it's up to your imagination!

PyraOs realtime processing unleashes your creativity

Pyramid runs with a full realtime operating system, which means that you can control any parameters on the fly and listen to the changes immediately.

Never stop anything. Change the length of a track, the MIDI channel, the quantization grid, the swing percentage, the arpeggiator rate, the delay on/off... in a flash and go experi-mental! Everything is at your fingertips.

Polyrhythms & polymeters!

Pyramid is fully polyrhythmic. This means that you can set different and unusual time signatures on each track, to create shifted-beat sequences. Polyrhythmic constructions will bring new flavours to your productions.

You can set a track with a 4/4 standard signature, and for the other tracks 5/4, 6/8, 15/8... The direct access button enables you to change the left and right numbers without limitation. It's an incredible and easy way to add complexity to your songs.

To go further in experimentation, add or remove steps to your measure to create polymetric tracks and irrational rhythms: program lively, ever-changing and long sequences!

And above all... you can play together short tracks (e.g. 1-bar) with very long tracks (e.g. 256-bar): it's at the same time a pattern sequencer and a linear sequencer!

User-friendly screen

The graphic display makes Pyramid fun and easy to use. Everything you need to know is spotlighted. And if you want to go further on, just press the "display" button.

We are taking care to avoid menu diving. Main features don't require the screen, as the 35 lit pads show you all basic information. Pyramid workflow helps you to gain time, make music with ears & fingers, and facilitate experimentation. You will never go back to computer to make music!

Save, load, import and export midi files

You can save everything on the SD card, and even import and export standard midi files between Pyramid and your software sequencer.

A midi controller, too

To use Pyramid as a versatile controller for your favorite virtual instruments, just plug in the USB cable.

Robust & compact

Assembled in our workshop, the housing is made of aluminium. As robust as the inside.

Pyramid will come with regular OS updates to constantly improve the user experience and add new features.


Core player

● Maximum number of tracks played at the same time: 64
● Maximum number of sequences (group of tracks): 32
● Track length: 1/4 bar (a quarter note) to 384 bars
● Track time signature: 1/1 to 24/16 or 1:1 to 24:16
● Recording resolution: 96ppqn (1/96th note)
● Tempo: 10.0 to 999.9 BPM


● Maximum number of notes per step (polyphony): unlimited
● Maximum number of CC automation per step: unlimited
● Maximum number of FX automation per step: unlimited
● Maximum number of effects per track: 4
● Note pitch: C-1 to G9
● Note velocity: 0 to 127
● Note width: 1/96th to 384 bars
● Note Offset: 0% to 99%
● Zoom: 25% (1 step = 4 quarter notes) to 1600% (1 step = 1/64th note)
● Automation recording, drawing, importing, exporting: CC0 to CC119, pitch, pressure, program change, effects parameters, BPM


● MIDI in (to control Pyramid with a MIDI controller, multitrack or omni input)
● Plug and play mini USB MIDI in
● CV in (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]
● GATE in (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]
● 2x PEDAL in (stereo jack 6.35)


● MIDI out A (up to 16 channels = 16 instruments) (turbo midi ready)
● MIDI out B (up to 16 channels = 16 instruments)
● Plug and play mini USB MIDI out (up to 16 channels = 16 instruments)
● DYN sync out (available on the MIDI out B)
● CV out (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]
● ENV out (secondary CV, e.g. to sequence filters) (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]
● GATE out (jack 3.5mm) [0 to 5V]

User interface

● 35 backlit silicon button pads
● Menu clickable encoder
● 5 assignable clickable encoders
● Assignable touchpad
● White backlit high contrast LCD graphical screen
● SD card slot to save an unlimited number of projects and upgrade the OS.


● Power supply: mini USB bus (5V, 500mA) (included)
● Housing: aluminium 2mm
● Size: 206x268x44mm
● Weight: 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
● Kensington security lock

Pyramid is engineered in Paris, manufactured and assembled in France.

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