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Pyramid mk2 sequencer

The ultimate brain for your setup, from studio to stage. 100% standalone, packed with tons of creative tools.

● 64 polyphonic tracks, unlimited number of notes & automation
● 12 dynamic midi effects
● chords and scales generator
● real-time recording and step sequencing
● full connectivity: midi, usb, cv/gate, dinsync

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$690 / 590€*- worldwide shipping - order now
*vat excluded

Hermod modular brain

The 8-track sequencer & interface for your eurorack system. Perfect for composition and live performances.

● 8 CV/GATE tracks, 8 sequences per project
● real-time recording and step sequencing
● 10 dynamic CV effects, mod matrix, clock and LFO generation
● up to 8 voices of polyphony
● 4 assignable CV inputs
● ±5V, high precision 16-bit DAC
● usb host, usb device, midi interface
● compact size (26 HP)

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$450 / 380€* - worldwide shipping (end of February) - preorder now
*vat excluded