Project Manager

Enter the Project Manager menu

To enter the Project Manager menu, select SEQ mode, then press the encoder and select “project”.

The project manager menu.
Project Manager menu

● Save project: save the current project, if it is a new project, you’ll be prompted to add a name.

● Save project as: When working on an existing project, this allow you to save it with a new name.

● Load project: load a project from the SD card into Hermod’s player. Note that loading a project while Hermod is playing won’t reset the clock, the newly loaded project will be playing immediatly. Don’t forget to save the current project before loading a new one!

● Delete project : allows you to browse the project list and select a project to be deleted. Note that this operation is irreversible!

● New project: create a new, empty project with default settings.


Hermod automatically loads at startup the last saved or loaded projet.

 TIP  Hold STEP at startup to direclty load a new project.

 TIP  If you name a project as "_", it will always be loaded at startup, even if you saved or loaded an other project more recently, making it easier to have a template project.