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Fast firmware update

To update Hapax:
  • drag the "hapax.bin" file into the SD card (do not change the file name)
  • insert the SD card in Hapax
  • power on Hapax while holding the main encoder and wait for the flashing procedure to complete.

Download HapaxOS 2.02

  • format your SD card with your computer ("FAT32" with Windows, "MS-DOS FAT" with Mac) before using it with Hapax
  • before updating Hapax, please backup your projects on your computer to prevent any SD file corruption
  • we encourage users to regularly backup projects besides the SD card
  • please use your dedicated SD card only with Hapax to secure your projects
  • if you still experience issues when updating the OS, even with a recently formatted card, please try an other SD card

Every bug reports & suggestions must be sent here:

HapaxOS 2.02
April 8, 2024

Bug fixes
  • PROJECT LOAD: Loading projects then instrument definition files, within a few seconds of each other could cause a crash.
  • PROJECT LOAD: Attempting to load corrupted project files could cause a crash or leave Hapax in an bad state.
  • PROJECT LOAD: Program changes were not always correctly sent on project load
  • MIDI IMPORT: CC above 120 (reserved for standard MIDI "Channel Mode Messages") were imported, causing crashes. They are now disallowed.
  • MIXMUTE: 'momentary toggles' could get stuck when exiting mixmute mode
  • REC: New events could not be recorded after changing active track during a record session.
  • FOLLOW ACTION: Probability of Follow Action execution was only evaluated once.
  • FOLLOW ACTION: Changing the follow action of multiple patterns at once now sets them all to the same value, rather than incrementing/decrementing them all individually.
  • FOLLOW ACTION: Changing follow action type is now only effective when exiting the PATTERN HOLD view.
  • FOLLOW ACTION: When pattern end is selected ("--" on screen) the follow action is now executed at the end of the pattern, even when launched in the middle of a TRIG=FREE pattern.
  • STEP: Time-shifted selected events spanning multiple pages would not print correctly
  • STEP: If events existed beyond the pattern length (e.g. after a manual length shortening), editing an 'ALL selection' would reinsert these events within the current length.
  • STEP: Sharp symbol '#' was sometimes not visible on screen
  • STEP: Scrolling pages with 2ND+encoder did not temporarily disable the "follow needle"
  • PATTERN: Undoing a pattern property change could show an error message
  • PATTERN: Selecting patterns on second page showed incorrect pattern numbers
  • PATTERN: 'SYNC' progress bar was shown when using "SYNC=PTRN"
  • PATTERN: Removing a section at the end of the song could cause an error
  • CV/GATE: GATE retrig time increased to 1.5ms for increased compatibility
  • PATTERN: Empty patterns with explicitly disabled generative effects (e.g. Euclid with a 'OFF' pattern value) would be shown as 'not empty' on the pads
  • BPM: Using SYNC=auto would cause the displayed BPM value to jitter. Please note clock timing was correct and jitter-free, this only affected the GUI.
  • RANDOM FX: Note length percentage is now computed relative to the original note length, rather than relative to the bar.

Download HapaxOS 2.02

HapaxOS 2.01
February 12, 2024

Bug fixes
  • Reallocated MPE channels would slowly collapse down to channel 0

Download HapaxOS 2.01

HapaxOS 2.00
January 18, 2024


New features
  • GLOBAL: 16 patterns per track (instead of 8)
  • GLOBAL: AUTOLOAD last project saved
  • GLOBAL: new mode MIX/MUTE
  • REC: multitrack recording, cf. MIX/MUTE mode
  • TRACK MODE : export pattern to midi file, import midi file to pattern
  • STEP: follow needle
  • STEP: note preview when adding a step (on STOP)
  • STEP: quick step length with 2 fingers
  • STEP: new MATH param NO FX (the event will bypass the FX chain)
  • STEP POLY : adds ALGO CURVES pitch destination
  • STEP POLY/DRUM : improved ALGO CURVES UX and adds more curves and parameters.
  • PATTERN : tracks STOP
  • PATTERN : pattern follow actions
  • PATTERN : custom pattern colors
  • PROJECT: pScale stick up / stick down / filter
  • SETTINGS : Track latency compensation
  • SETTINGS : more assignable actions for pedal
  • SETTINGS : RETRIG gate outputs
  • LIVE: new parameter to select velocity of the matrix pads
  • LIVE: new parameter to select the RGB view (show notes in pattern, show scale in chromatic view)
Bug fixes
  • Overall stability improvements
  • SAVE AS or LOAD was randomly unclickable
  • Track quantize was not reset after a NEW PROJECT
  • STEP: rotate/move left/right was not displayed on leds
  • STEP: Roll max value is now 1/256
  • MIDI I/O: USB outputs never sent ALL NOTE OFF / ALL SOUND OFF messages
  • FILES: Project load could crash when many files were present on the SD card
  • TRANSPORT: when CLOCK SOURCE was set to "CV IN B", pressing PLAYwould not start the transport
  • FX: Removing a modulated effect could cause errors
  • FX: LFO FX initial value was sometimes not sent on project load
  • MODMATRIX: FILL could overwrite any source of modulation
  • AUTOM: Default value could not be removed for CV out lane
Ergonomics & Misc.
  • SETTINGS MISC: new SCREEN sub-menu, for anti-flicker options
  • PALETTE: choose your color with HSL instead of RGB
  • SAVE/LOAD: project browser now support DELETE+CLICK to delete a project
  • MIDI MONITOR: now shows the input/output port of messages
Breaking changes
  • STEP: Selections now require two HOLD-pad actions. Quick presses are now used for the "quick step length" feature.

Download HapaxOS 2.00

HapaxOS 1.16
October 9, 2023

Bug fixes
  • Fixed error 'Section out of range' (when launching a SAVE SECTION)
  • Fixed notes recorded at the end of the loop (when using ARM REC + and pressing pads before START)
  • Fixed stuck note when using very short notes length
  • Mute a selection was ending the selection
  • Fixed random leds at startup
  • Greatly improved MIDI clock jitter and timing
  • There's now a 'USB attached' message popup for both

Download HapaxOS 1.16

HapaxOS 1.15
September 13, 2023

Bug fixes
  • PATTERN: 'SECTION NOT FOUND' error was wrongfully emitted
  • PROJECT HOLD: Left screen window printed information of the active project instead of the held project
  • INSTRUMENT DEFINITION: long instrument definition file names would prevent loading them
  • INSTRUMENT DEFINITION: Setting a drum lane name to 'NULL' would actually rename it to 'NULL' since 1.14
  • SYNC IN: 'PUNCH IN' could still start transport when strictly following external transport messages
  • SYNC IN: fix root cause of 'TICK NOT IN SYNC WITH CLOCK' error message
  • SYNC IN: 'MIDI OUT JITTER DETECTED' error was sometimes incorrectly emitted

Download HapaxOS 1.15

HapaxOS 1.14
August 30, 2023

Bug fixes
  • CRASH in pattern mode when receiving non-standard midi
  • CRASH when selecting a lot of notes (rare and random issue)
  • CRASH when deleting a note (rare and random issue)
  • CRASH when recording an automation from a CV input
  • CRASH when deleting a lot of notes, and playing with undo/redo (rare and random issue)
  • CRASH when doubling the pattern length
  • ALGO: GENERATR would sometimes generate note lengths outside of desired range
  • ALGO: CURVES RANDOM would sometimes apply note lengths outside of desired range
  • AUTOM: holding pitchend (or CV OUT) default value was reseting to wrong value
  • AUTOM: GUI would sometimes flicker and print incorrect data
  • AUTOM : CC pair send LSB and MSB in the incorrect order
  • EFFECTS: scrolling an unassigned encoder changed the mute state of the effect
  • EFFECTS: Swapping effects could cause stuck notes
  • EFFECTS: Muted ARP could still generate chord
  • EFFECTS: adding a loop point while in effects mode would change the active track
  • EFFECTS: modmatrix keytracking would sometimes not update
  • EFFECTS: ENV would sometimes send a message directly after its creation
  • EFFECTS: LFO with a limited number of cycles did not behave appropriately (phase drift & off-by-one cycles in RAND)
  • EFFECTS: modMatrix source = FILL did not always update
  • EFFECTS: modmatrix destination names could be garbled data
  • LIVE CHORD: notes of recorded chords would play in reverse
  • SYNC IN: when using a CV clock without an additional RUN input, no start midi message was being sent after first clock reception
  • SYNC IN: External STOP did not reset the song to its start
  • SYNC IN: CV reset voltage threshold was too high, and would sometimes fail to reset Hapax
  • SYNC OUT: After a restart, the first clock pulse (or gate run) was too short
  • STEP: Reverse playback mode was missing the end-of-pattern note
  • STEP: Adding infinite notes could cause doubled notes if the same note was already playing
  • STEP: Changing the track mode between DRUM and POLY was sometimes not refreshing the GUI
  • PATTERN: Moving the position of a pattern would not move the FX pattern values accordingly
  • PATTERN: SONG mode would sometimes not work properly when using 2 projects
  • PATTERN: SONG mode would sometimes hang indefinitely on a section
  • PATTERN: SECTIONS were not erased when creating a NEW PROJECT
  • PROGRAM CHANGE PRE-SEND: resolved pre-sending scheduling and de-duplication issues
  • REC: Looper was unavailable if a PC was set
  • REC: Looper auto-length was sometimes 1 bar shorter than expected after ending REC
  • MIDI IN SETTINGS: 'NOTES = IGNORE' would not filter NOTE OFF messages
  • MIDI IN: incoming MIDI traffic was sometimes not properly routed when using 2 projects
  • INSTRUMENT DEFINITION: loading a file could fail if it contained non-printable ASCII characters (including TAB)
  • INSTRUMENT DEFINITION: comment section did not support the single quote character '
  • INSTRUMENT DEFINITION: Default values for CC PAIR were not loaded
  • GLOBAL LFO: holding an encoder did not reset its parameter
  • Spurious 'fx not found' error messages could occur
  • Hapax would sometimes boot in test mode
  • A pattern's length could be set infinitely short when using the 'divide length' shortcut
  • Deleting a pattern would not reset the pattern PC
  • Deleting a track would note reset its patterns trig modes
  • Changing pattern on TRSP track would not reset the TRSP to 0
  • CV output 4V to 5V range was imprecise
  • Loading a project on proB could cause issues with FX parameter pattern values
  • Sending more than 128 events at the exact same time could cause stuck notes.
  • SYNC IN: When using external SYNC, MIDI events could be dropped
  • SYNC IN: When using CV IN RESET, MIDI notes could get stuck
  • When using 2ND+PLAY, player would STOP instead of restarting from current page
  • Creating more than 26 default-named sections would cause a crash
  • Pressing UNDO while simultaneously deleting a section could cause a crash
  • Restarting the player by pressing PLAY after just scheduling a pattern change could significantly delay the requested change
  • Changing length of pattern while recording heavy automation could cause a crash
  • SYNC IN: When using an analog clock, pressing STOP could have no effect when no clock pulse was received
  • EFFECTS: LFO effect could get out of phase when muted
Notable behaviour changes
  • When launching a section, if the desired pattern is the current pattern, it is not re-launched. This should improve usability for polymetric arrangements in SONG mode.
  • Muting and unmuting projects no longer overwrite the tracks' mute states
  • Muting and unmuting projects is now synchronized to one bar
  • When pScale is ON, the note value which resets TRSP to 0 is now set to the pScale root note at octave 5.
Minor additions
  • EFFECTS: Lydian SCALE is now available
  • EFFECTS: SWING amount now goes from 0% to 100%
  • SETTINGS REC: Added parameter '4 BARS' to REC COUNTDOWN
  • SETTINGS SYNC IN: CV CLOCK DIV now supports '1/48'
  • SETTINGS SYNC OUT: GATE CLOCK DIV now supports '1/48'
  • SETTINGS SYNC IN: CV RESET now has a 'AUTO' option
  • SETTINGS SYNC OUT: GATE RUN now has 'LOW STATE' options, which pull the gate low when Hapax is running
  • SETTINGS SYNC OUT: TRIG RESET now has 'ON START' and 'ON STOP' options
  • SETTING MISC: new 'APPLY SUSTAIN' setting. Consumes incoming SUSTAIN (CC64) MIDI messages, and delays inbound NOTE-OFF messages accordingly. This resolves an issue with regard to SUSTAIN recording, and using SUSTAIN in conjunction with the effects chain.
  • 2ND + MUTE changes the mute state of tracks and project instantaneously
  • SETTINGS CV GATE PEDAL: CV IN RANGE now has a '-1V > +1V' option. This is particularly useful for using an audio signal from a DAW to synchronize Hapax. Please refer to the manual for more information.
Ergonomics & Cosmetic changes
  • SAVE AS: Added RANDOM name generator in menu (when name is empty)
  • PATTERN: left screen now shows the number of currently played notes
  • EFFECTS: improved effect's mute state UI display
  • EFFECTS: EUCLID rotate parameter was inverted
  • EFFECTS: ENV window now has a UI hint ('+' sign) to signal the presence of secondary parameters
  • STEP (DRUM): Loop points can now be set in velocity view
  • STEP: improved zoom pads color sequence
  • PASTE AUTOMATION LANE: When the lane already exists, pasting will be done on a newly created VOID lane
Misc improvements
  • Improved overall performances, OS sturdiness and real-time accuracy
  • Faster boot
  • CV IN: Gate input 'HIGH' threshold lowered to 2.5V, for improved compatibility
  • CV OUT: improved latency

Download HapaxOS 1.14

HapaxOS 1.13
December 14, 2022

New features
  • Drum events can now be added from the Velocity View, when holding 2ND
  • ENV effect has a new 'WAIT AHD' parameter, to avoid short-circuiting to the RELEASE stage before completion of the first three stages (A, H and D)
Bug fixes
  • Track 16 Extended menu could crash
  • SONG(loop) mode could crash with an empty song
  • Recording CC messages above 119 was allowed, and could crash
  • Trying to paste automation events while selecting '+ADD' could crash
  • When using an external CV clock, the MIDI clock BPM would sometimes be shown
  • CC PAIR was not properly supported in [AUTOMATION] and [ASSIGN] sections of instrument definition files
  • GENERATOR algo could generate out of pScale notes
  • Improve MPE compatibility with Linnstrument - issue with pitchbend message optimisation
  • ENV FX: Fix envelope discontinuity when note-off appears before sustain stage
  • Copy/paste of FX with pattern values did not work as intended
  • LFO effect applied to Velocity was not properly applied on all notes
  • Scaler FX transpose was unaffected by effect mute state
  • Pre-Send PC would sometimes send before intended time
  • Cosmetic improvements
  • Improved encoder acceleration
  • Dialed-in encoder acceleration of DUAL_CC / 14b NRPN in assign mode
  • Improve pads debouncing
  • STEP mode - When using CV/G as output, show voltage next to note number

Download HapaxOS 1.13

HapaxOS 1.12
November 9, 2022

New features
  • 14 bit CC pairs are now supported.
  • ENV FX now has a sidechain parameter
  • Key tracking modulation source
  • Velocity modulation source
  • Velocity modulation destination
  • FILL modulation source
  • New MIDI IN settings 'ACTIVE-TR PORT' and 'ACTIVE-TR CH' (allows for routing of messages to the active track regardless of the track's input parameters)
  • New MIDI IN parameter REC ONLY under 'NOTES', 'CC', 'PITCHBEND' and 'PRESSURE' (do not pass through incoming notes, but allow record, can avoid midi echo)
  • Instrument definition: Add 'MAXRATE'. This defines the default MAX RATE of all automation lanes for this instrument.
  • MISC setting: MIDI MONITOR (show all or only selected midi messages)
  • MISC setting: STEP BACKGR RGB (when in STEP mode POLY, add a colored background on the 128-pads to preview note colors)
  • Live mode: added JUMP = 12 (in chromatic scale, use the matrix keyboard to play continuous notes with one full octave per row)
Bug fixes
  • Improved overall stability
  • Fixed SYNC=PTRN sync issue when TRIG=RESTART
  • Improved MPE compatibility and stability
  • PASTE pattern across tracks would not add new lanes to list
  • CV was left at last value after ENV/LFO fx delete - now reset at 0V
  • COPY/PASTE an ENV/LFO fx across track could crash
  • Trackhold + divide pattern did not update pattern length in UI
  • Instrument Definition parser had a bug with drum lane syntax
  • Unrestricted number of automation lanes could be abused to crash the unit. Automation lanes are now limited to 64 per track.
  • Notes spanning multiple pages were not shown on the RGB pads
  • PC messages weren't always sent through
  • Assign values were not re-sent when needed. They're now sent at LOAD, un-MUTE, and double STOP
  • SCALER FX was scaling even in chromatic scale
  • Output = GATE was not working when NOTE > 120
  • STEP mode was sometimes misbehaving with some pScales
  • Crash could occur on project LOAD
  • Duplicate/Divide pattern shortcut would change page incorrectly - now always goes to last page
  • Improved USB Host compatibility
  • Improved encoder acceleration
  • Playing in live mode with the matrix pads can cause double note triggering
  • Chord mode could crash in some 'intervals' scales
  • Song mode would sometimes crash after deleting a section
  • All fx with synced rates now follow the track elasticity
  • When using elasticity with run modes and/or loop points, elasticity speed was unstable
  • REC END was only working when using internal clock
  • DAC calibration was improved
  • Automation context menu could display incorrectly
  • PC popup 'INSTR DEF' category could trigger a crash
  • Effect scaler was not transposing when scale = pScale = chromatic
  • With CLOCK SOURCE = USB HOST, displayed BPM was correct, but player was running too fast
  • Math conditional trig 1ST was not playing the note after a pattern change (when track's TRIG = FREE)
  • Math conditional trig LS was also processing muted tracks
  • Triplet rolls were actually dotted sixteenths
  • Copy/pasting pattern with fx automations across tracks could crash
  • Hitting redo while undo counters were running could crash
  • Deleting the current songsection while on PERF, then switching back to PLAY would crash
  • Math conditional trig FILL was not applied to recorded notes when recording with FILL pressed
  • Add 0v default value for CV
  • When saving a project, show a warning if a project already exists by that name
  • NEW+ project now shows 'BLANK - DEFAULT - CANCEL'
  • Improved save/load speed
  • Error messages are now logged on SD card when possible
  • FX slot number is now shown on fx parameter destinations
  • When changing a source/destination, popup opens at previous source/destination
  • Step length that are not multiple of the current zoom are shown with a '+'
  • Generator algo no longer shows note length in clock ticks, but in steps
  • New syntax for NRPN in instrument definition: omit MSB or set it to zero, and use LSB to store the full NRPN id. e.g.: '0:1024:7 FOO', and ':2048:7 BAR'
  • Program change window now shows MSB before LSB
  • Dramatically shorter loading and saving times
  • FX Randomizer: random velocity parameters now between 0%...100%
  • When FILL pad is pressed, recorded events are forced with MATH = FILL
  • Default track names ('Track n') is updated when shifting track slots
  • Copy/pasting patterns now shows track name rather than track number
Breaking changes
  • Un-synced LFOs range mapping has been redesigned. They are no longer BPM-invariant.
  • Poly aftertouch support is temporarily disabled in this version. It will no longer record nor play. Previous versions supported poly aftertouch very poorly, as such we prefer disabling it for the time being. Adding full support for it is a priority and will come in a future release.
  • Instrument definitions syntax compliance is now more strict. Non compliant syntax may throw an error.

Download HapaxOS 1.12

HapaxOS 1.11
July 27, 2022

Bug fixes
  • Critical: setting a PC when the ouput port was not MIDI OUT A would cause a crash
  • NEW project was defective

Download HapaxOS 1.11

HapaxOS 1.10
July 26, 2022

Bug fixes
  • MATH conditional trigs were faulty when a note was inserted when the pattern was already playing
  • In pScale=ON, some scales were displayed incorrectly
  • Pressing PLAY after the end of a song played the last section instead of restarting the song
  • PC/MSB/LSB popup could show wrong data
  • When using an external clock, LEDs were not refreshed after unit reboot
  • Livemode chord: holding 2ND+INVERSION was broken
  • Livemode scale: jump setting was not saved
  • Newly copied effect was impossible to modulate with a LFO
  • After loading a project, CC messages were sent instead of being muted
  • LFO effect generated CC messages when Hapax was stopped
  • Step mode: notes could not be edited at maximum unzoom
  • When using track TRIG = RESTART, a pattern could go out of sync when selected
  • Double and triple STOP was misbehaving
  • When switching from a pattern with RUN = RANDOM to a pattern with no RUN mode, sometimes the pattern was not starting from its beginning (when TRIG = RESTART)
  • Empty SD card could cause a crash when trying to load a project
  • Deleting a section, then going to the song tab could cause a crash
  • Assign Mode values were not saved
  • Scaler FX was creating stuck notes when a Harmonizer FX was generating lot of notes in the chain
  • MPE data could get lost when loading a project
  • Hidden files were visible in the project list, e.g. '._PROJECT'
  • Dual project loading with fx parameter modulation could cause a crash
  • On drum events, resetting width would misbehave
  • Analog transport outputs improved
  • ARP effect could cause stuck notes at fast rates
  • Changing track type would change the track output channel
  • Instrument definitions PC/MSB/LSB order error (in RC)
  • Instrument definitions filenames had to be 4 chars or longer (in RC)
  • In PATTERN mode, after swapping tracks, pattern selections were made on the wrong tracks
  • Program changes were sometimes re-sent when pattern was looping
  • Loading new projects with fewer sections could cause an error
  • Halving the pattern length could cause an error in automation mode
  • Input channel 'ALL ACTIVE' did not correctly work with drum tracks
  • Instruments definitions
  • New effect: ENV (ahdsr envelope with variable curvature)
  • MATCH CHORDS : TRSP track can now be used to constrain all notes to a chord
  • 25 new Arpeggiator effect style
  • Pre-send PC/LSB/MSB option (per track)
  • Pattern mode: new sync value = PTRN (next pattern will be launched when reaching the current one's end)
  • CV outputs now includes pitchbend value
  • Added new MATH conditional trigs (/1:2, /2:2, ..., /1:16)
  • Play and Stop pads are now working even when Hapax is synchronized with a midi in clock
  • Default automation values are sent after a STOP press
  • Settings: each CV outputs can be set as a 1.2V/octave output
  • Settings: added GATE POLARITY (set the gate ON level, 5V or 0V)
  • Settings: added RESTART SYNC (synchronize a restart to a beat, a bar, ...)
  • Sd card can be hot-plugged
  • Drum lanes channels now follow the track's channel by default. After modifying it once, they are independent from the track's channel
  • ASSIGN values are now saved and loaded with the project
  • Effects that generate MIDI messages (LFO, ENV, Modmatrix) are now subsampled when necessary to avoid saturating a MIDI DIN cable's bandwidth
  • Warp selections: expand or compress events in time
  • Dual project RGB colors make more sense
  • Pattern is considered as not empty if it includes a prog change
  • Automation mode: pitch is displayed in %, CV is displayed on Volts
  • Step mode: menu encoder now scrolls from note to note, up/down pads scrolls from half octave to half octave
  • Animated graphics for each effects
  • Scanning projects on the SD card is faster
  • LFO & ENV destination parameter is now displayed more clearly when targetting effect parameters

Download HapaxOS 1.10

HapaxOS 1.04
May 2, 2022

Bug fixes
  • Copying a Track could make said track unplayable
  • When pressing MUTE, all non-empty tracks have their button fully lit
  • In Drum mode, the drum kit is now animated

Download HapaxOS 1.04

HapaxOS 1.03
April 25, 2022

Bug fixes
  • Project loading could break Loop points functionality
  • Chord mode: sus4 modifier was wrong
  • Assign values were cleared when an FX was added
  • Deleting sections used in a song could cause a crash
  • Fix 'Undo of on_deselect Failed' error
  • Zoom x16 <-> x48 did not correctly change pages
  • Selections during automation recording could cause a crash
  • Drum active lane temporary highlight timer issues
  • Project LFO parameters were not saved with the project
  • REC Countdown was bugged since 1.02
  • Randomizer FX arithmetic was off
  • LFO FX would send redundant messages
  • Holding notes in Live and launching Play could cause stuck notes
  • Changing Oupput port could cause stuck notes
  • Triple play press could cause stuck notes
  • Loading project while playing could load it out of sync
  • Changing output to CV/Gate could cause crash
  • Project LFOs were not re-synced on external trigger
  • Math conditions were not properly reset with external sync
  • Muting a project while a note is playing could cause a stuck note
  • Muting track 16 would retrig other notes even with project transpose disabled
  • Track copy and paste could cause crash with LFO FX assigned to an effect parameter
  • Project -> NEW could cause corrupted projects
  • CC messages could be sent on muted tracks
  • Changing track (or pattern) was not properly stopping the live looper (auto-length)
  • MIDI learn velocity was broken when learning a single note
  • CV outputs now forced to 0V after a power on
  • Project LFOs unsynced (1ppqn)
  • Project LFOs were not updated when set to RAND (and when Hapax was following an external clock)
  • Sync input: clock source = CV IN improved
  • Sync input: clock source = midi/usb improved
  • Sync output: dinSync was off-beat after a START
  • Sync output: improved clock stability when sending a lot of midi events
  • Sync output: improved USB jitter
  • Live looper: when recording a track, press this track button to end auto-loop while keeping REC enabled
  • Automation Mode: Encoders 5 and 7 act like encoders 1...4

Download HapaxOS 1.03

HapaxOS 1.02
March 31, 2022

  • Pressing FILL highlight notes with MATH = FILL on RGB leds
Bug fixes
  • When using an external clock source, MIDI START message was not zeroing the player position
  • when FILL was pressed, in drum mode, added events were not forced with MATH = FILL

Download HapaxOS 1.02

HapaxOS 1.01
March 30, 2022

New features
  • Added CV OUTPUTS calibration procedure (hold encoder 7 when powering on Hapax)
  • Step mode: when FILL is pressed, added events are forced with MATH = FILL
  • Step mode: when scrolling through the MATH parameter, RGB leds are dimmed to highlight events with the same MATH parameter. Also works for ROLL and CHANCE parameters
  • Step mode drum: a lane can be set to output port = CV1, CV2, CV3, CV4 (these CV outputs will act like gate outputs)
  • Step mode drum: a lane can be set to output port = CVG1, CVG2, CVG3, CVG4 (the gate will trig the drum event, the CV will output the drum velocity)
  • Better timings when Hapax is synchronized with an external clock source
  • Transposed tracks are now always in-scale when pScale enabled
  • When loading a project, and no other project is active on the other project slot, always set the loaded BPM
  • Improved bandwidth: midi and USB inputs/outputs can receive and send more data at the same time
  • Added new real-time midi messages to monitor in the window 2ND+LIVE
  • Pattern 'sync' setting now saved with project
  • Parameters of modMatrix effect can also be reset when holding encoders
  • Looper = Auto-length, when recording reaches 32 bars, the track length is now set to 32 bars
Bug fixes
  • Pitchbend messages could be 'steppy'
  • Track midi input ALL CHANNELS 1..16 did not work as expected
  • Project LFO parameter OFFSET was not saved
  • ModMatrix was not copied with its track
  • LFO effect : destination to parameter on/off of another effect did not work as expected
  • Freeze when scrolling through menu lists
  • Reordering of tracks was not saved
  • Reordering of tracks could interfere with pattern copy&paste
  • Reordering of tracks could interfere with loop points
  • Error message 'deferenced null fx'
  • Error message 'print drumhold'
  • Player needle was sometimes 'jumpy' on the RGB pads
  • Hapax would stop when an external clock source restarted (eg Ableton)
  • BPM could fluctuate when Hapax used an external clock
  • Visual bug when shifting long notes with < in step drum
  • Disappearing note when shifting notes with > in step drum
  • Pattern could go out of sync when run mode was changed then set back to default value
  • MATH conditions (1:2, 2:2, ...) were not reset after a stop in drum mode
  • Effects ARP and EUCLID were using a wrong clock frequency when Hapax used an external clock
  • Effect EUCLID would only output notes on channel 01
  • Setting 'Metronome midi' : inverted HOST and DEVICE
  • Setting 'Metronome midi' : missing parameter 'HOST CH01'
  • Algo CURVES could generate more than 100% chance
  • AUTOM interpolation sometimes could not be turned off
  • SNAPSHOT could interfere with pattern copy & paste
  • Notes could get stuck when more than 16 notes were sent on same clock tick
  • Player needle was not drawn in AUTOM mode if no lanes were added
  • Some 2ND-TRACK settings were impossible to set
  • Saving a project could fail with long names
  • Some automation lanes were not erased after a project load
  • Loading a project could crash if an effect parameter was linked to a global LFO (modMatrix)
  • Horizontal navigation was impossible with 2ND+menu encoder (when pScale enable)
  • 'Midi in (active track)' should not take midi events if other tracks are set to a specific output+channel
  • Received midi mono aftertouch value was always 0
  • MIDI dinSync clock and gate output clock frequencies were wrong when speed = 24ppqn
  • Midi monitor window could crash when receiving a poly aftertouch message

Download HapaxOS 1.01

HapaxOS 1.00
March 1, 2022

First publicly released firmware of Hapax

    Download HapaxOS 1.00