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Fast firmware update

To update Hapax:
  • drag the "hapax.bin" file into the SD card (do not change the file name)
  • insert the SD card in Hapax
  • power on Hapax while holding the main encoder and wait for the flashing procedure to complete.

Download HapaxOS 1.04

  • format your SD card with your computer ("FAT32" with Windows, "MS-DOS FAT" with Mac) before using it with Hapax
  • before updating Hapax, please backup your projects on your computer to prevent any SD file corruption
  • we encourage users to regularly backup projects besides the SD card
  • please use your dedicated SD card only with Hapax to secure your projects
  • if you still experience issues when updating the OS, even with a recently formatted card, please try an other SD card

Every bug reports & suggestions must be sent here:

HapaxOS V1.04
May 2, 2022

Bug fixes
  • Copying a Track could make said track unplayable
  • When pressing MUTE, all non-empty tracks have their button fully lit
  • In Drum mode, the drum kit is now animated

Download HapaxOS 1.04

HapaxOS V1.03
April 25, 2022

Bug fixes
  • Project loading could break Loop points functionality
  • Chord mode: sus4 modifier was wrong
  • Assign values were cleared when an FX was added
  • Deleting sections used in a song could cause a crash
  • Fix 'Undo of on_deselect Failed' error
  • Zoom x16 <-> x48 did not correctly change pages
  • Selections during automation recording could cause a crash
  • Drum active lane temporary highlight timer issues
  • Project LFO parameters were not saved with the project
  • REC Countdown was bugged since 1.02
  • Randomizer FX arithmetic was off
  • LFO FX would send redundant messages
  • Holding notes in Live and launching Play could cause stuck notes
  • Changing Oupput port could cause stuck notes
  • Triple play press could cause stuck notes
  • Loading project while playing could load it out of sync
  • Changing output to CV/Gate could cause crash
  • Project LFOs were not re-synced on external trigger
  • Math conditions were not properly reset with external sync
  • Muting a project while a note is playing could cause a stuck note
  • Muting track 16 would retrig other notes even with project transpose disabled
  • Track copy and paste could cause crash with LFO FX assigned to an effect parameter
  • Project -> NEW could cause corrupted projects
  • CC messages could be sent on muted tracks
  • Changing track (or pattern) was not properly stopping the live looper (auto-length)
  • MIDI learn velocity was broken when learning a single note
  • CV outputs now forced to 0V after a power on
  • Project LFOs unsynced (1ppqn)
  • Project LFOs were not updated when set to RAND (and when Hapax was following an external clock)
  • Sync input: clock source = CV IN improved
  • Sync input: clock source = midi/usb improved
  • Sync output: dinSync was off-beat after a START
  • Sync output: improved clock stability when sending a lot of midi events
  • Sync output: improved USB jitter
  • Live looper: when recording a track, press this track button to end auto-loop while keeping REC enabled
  • Automation Mode: Encoders 5 and 7 act like encoders 1...4

Download HapaxOS 1.03

HapaxOS V1.02
March 31, 2022

  • Pressing FILL highlight notes with MATH = FILL on RGB leds
Bug fixes
  • When using an external clock source, MIDI START message was not zeroing the player position
  • when FILL was pressed, in drum mode, added events were not forced with MATH = FILL

Download HapaxOS 1.02

HapaxOS V1.01
March 30, 2022

New features
  • Added CV OUTPUTS calibration procedure (hold encoder 7 when powering on Hapax)
  • Step mode: when FILL is pressed, added events are forced with MATH = FILL
  • Step mode: when scrolling through the MATH parameter, RGB leds are dimmed to highlight events with the same MATH parameter. Also works for ROLL and CHANCE parameters
  • Step mode drum: a lane can be set to output port = CV1, CV2, CV3, CV4 (these CV outputs will act like gate outputs)
  • Step mode drum: a lane can be set to output port = CVG1, CVG2, CVG3, CVG4 (the gate will trig the drum event, the CV will output the drum velocity)
  • Better timings when Hapax is synchronized with an external clock source
  • Transposed tracks are now always in-scale when pScale enabled
  • When loading a project, and no other project is active on the other project slot, always set the loaded BPM
  • Improved bandwidth: midi and USB inputs/outputs can receive and send more data at the same time
  • Added new real-time midi messages to monitor in the window 2ND+LIVE
  • Pattern 'sync' setting now saved with project
  • Parameters of modMatrix effect can also be reset when holding encoders
  • Looper = Auto-length, when recording reaches 32 bars, the track length is now set to 32 bars
Bug fixes
  • Pitchbend messages could be 'steppy'
  • Track midi input ALL CHANNELS 1..16 did not work as expected
  • Project LFO parameter OFFSET was not saved
  • ModMatrix was not copied with its track
  • LFO effect : destination to parameter on/off of another effect did not work as expected
  • Freeze when scrolling through menu lists
  • Reordering of tracks was not saved
  • Reordering of tracks could interfere with pattern copy&paste
  • Reordering of tracks could interfere with loop points
  • Error message 'deferenced null fx'
  • Error message 'print drumhold'
  • Player needle was sometimes 'jumpy' on the RGB pads
  • Hapax would stop when an external clock source restarted (eg Ableton)
  • BPM could fluctuate when Hapax used an external clock
  • Visual bug when shifting long notes with < in step drum
  • Disappearing note when shifting notes with > in step drum
  • Pattern could go out of sync when run mode was changed then set back to default value
  • MATH conditions (1:2, 2:2, ...) were not reset after a stop in drum mode
  • Effects ARP and EUCLID were using a wrong clock frequency when Hapax used an external clock
  • Effect EUCLID would only output notes on channel 01
  • Setting 'Metronome midi' : inverted HOST and DEVICE
  • Setting 'Metronome midi' : missing parameter 'HOST CH01'
  • Algo CURVES could generate more than 100% chance
  • AUTOM interpolation sometimes could not be turned off
  • SNAPSHOT could interfere with pattern copy & paste
  • Notes could get stuck when more than 16 notes were sent on same clock tick
  • Player needle was not drawn in AUTOM mode if no lanes were added
  • Some 2ND-TRACK settings were impossible to set
  • Saving a project could fail with long names
  • Some automation lanes were not erased after a project load
  • Loading a project could crash if an effect parameter was linked to a global LFO (modMatrix)
  • Horizontal navigation was impossible with 2ND+menu encoder (when pScale enable)
  • 'Midi in (active track)' should not take midi events if other tracks are set to a specific output+channel
  • Received midi mono aftertouch value was always 0
  • MIDI dinSync clock and gate output clock frequencies were wrong when speed = 24ppqn
  • Midi monitor window could crash when receiving a poly aftertouch message

Download HapaxOS 1.01

HapaxOS V1.00
March 1, 2022

First publicly released firmware of HAPAX

    Download HapaxOS 1.00