Fast firmware update

To update Rample:

  • Pull the micro SD card from the slot
  • put the micro SD inside the SD adapter and insert it in your computer
  • drag the "rample.bin" file into the micro SD card (do not change the file name)
  • insert the SD card in Rample
  • power on Rample while holding the encoder and wait a few seconds
  • the version is displayed in the Settings INFO menu

Download rampleOS 1.22


  • in case of any problems when running samples (glitches, latency, load sample fail, ...), please format the Rample official SD card with the software

Every bug reports & suggestions must be sent here:

rampleOS V1.22
September 30, 2020

Bug fixes
  • Manual selected layer was not loaded correctly
  • Fix can't open new kit issue
  • Fix autosave KIT not working when nothing saved/stored before
  • Fix FX attack/decay not working with stereo samples
  • Fix effect FREEZE (amount was not possible to change after end of sample playback)

Download rampleOS 1.22

rampleOS V1.21
September 23, 2020

Bug fixes
  • NO KIT display is working again
  • AUTOSAVE=OFF was not saved after SAVE SETTINGS
  • Manual selected layer was not loaded correctly
  • Fix FREEZE when booting while receiving midi
  • Fix FREEZE when receiving huge midi data load during a save/load
  • Next/previous kit with CC was broken

Download rampleOS 1.21

rampleOS V1.2
August 12, 2020

New features
  • STEREO SUPPORT: 16bit 44.1kHz sereo WAV files are now supported. Please refer to the manual to create stereo-compatible kits.
  • Layer playback mode (manual, random, cyclic, ...) is now per voice
  • Envelopes (attack and decay) are now exponential shaped, for a more natural and musical sound.
  • Autosave current kit: Rample will load the last kit you used on start-up.
  • New quantize slicer values: now you can now choose between Free, /8, /16, /32, /64, /12, /24, /48
  • Circular scrolling kits: Scroll past Z99 and end up back at A0, and vice-versa.
  • New advanced parameters display: 2 dots instead of 3, for clarity.
  • MIDI CC60 = select layer mode all voices, CC61 = layer mode voice 1, ..., CC64 = layer mode voice 4
  • MIDI CC70 = randomize all voices, CC71 = randomize voice 1, ..., CC74 = randomize voice 4
  • MIDI CC80 = reset all voices, CC81 = reset voice 1, ..., CC84 = reset voice 4
Bug fixes
  • FILTER and LEVELS glitch: first few milliseconds of sample were not being processed
  • Fix manual layer bug leading to freeze
  • Fix LAYER CCx9 wasn't working
  • Changing kit with program change did not display the right kit
  • SAVE SETTINGS was sometimes very long
  • CV IN 0>5V range was wrong
  • PC and Bank Select (MSB) CC#0 are switched: PC now selects the KIT BANK and Bank Select now selects the KIT NUMBER
  • Improved SAVE/STORE

Download rampleOS 1.2

rampleOS V1.1
June 17, 2020

New features
  • new layers mode: press assign then press ① ② ③ or ④ to enter the layers mode: the screen displays the running layer of the voice. If setting LAYERS = MANUAL, you can select the layer will the encoder, and the layer will change at next trig (press the encoder for instant select & listen).
  • MomentaryFx : when holding ① ② ③ or ④ while playing with an effect parameter knob, the effect will be set back to its original value after releasing ① ② ③ or ④.
  • MomentaryFx : when holding ① ② ③ or ④ while playing with the main encoder, voices effect parameters will be set back to their original value after releasing ① ② ③ or ④ (pressing the encoder apply the momentary parameters).
  • double press LISTEN to stop all samples
  • when selecting a kit, pressing ① ② ③ or ④ will display the name of the sample on the screen.
  • new assign parameter: TRIG FREEZE (TF) in order to control enable/disable the freeze effect, independently of the freeze "amount" (the freeze amount must be different from 0 to hear it)
  • new visual feedback when creating mute groups
  • midi input: midi messages AllSoundOff, AllNotesOff and ResetAllParameters are now considered
  • midi input: CCx9 to select sample layer
  • midi input: now you can use CC99 instead of Program Change
  • the selected samples layers are now saved with STORE KIT
  • new setting ANTICLIC (now you can disable it to get the best out of your clicky sounds)
  • new setting VUMETERS (disable it, or change the way the sound is displayed)
Bug fixes
  • audio crackles during start & end of playback fixed
  • SD read/write issues fixed (do not corrupt the files any more)
  • filter effect: amount is now smoothed to avoid notches
  • now all types of .wav files are compatible
  • save settings was reseting samples run modes
  • now the ENV parameters (attack and decay) goes from 0% to 100% of the sound)
  • beginning of sample was not processed by the filter effect
  • setting CV IN = 0V +5V was not working well
  • setting PITCH = CHROMATIC is now calibrated
  • audio signal was reversed (impractical when using your output as CV, DC-coupled waveforms)

Download rampleOS 1.1

rampleOS V1.0
27 January 2020

First version distributed with the batch #01, beta-tested.