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Rample waves system
Eurorack 4-voice sample player & audio processor
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Versatile sample machine

From percussive drum-machine kits to synth samples, breakbeats to sound FX, backing tracks to hour-long audio music, Rample can play up to 4 .wav files on independent audio outputs :

These samples are stored inside the provided SD card, and organized as kits, from A00 to Z99... allowing up to 2600 banks of 4 voices, with on-the-fly (and almost instant) loading! The SD card is preloaded with tons of samples, and we made it very easy to import your own kits.

Thanks to the DC coupled audio outputs, it's even possible to play CV waveforms like LFOs!

Effects rack

Each voice has its own “rack” of effects, and all audio effects can be enabled at the same time, allowing you to manipulate your samples in real time, from a gentle lowpass to massive destruction!

PITCH - a great sounding pitch engine, based on a 6-pole interpolator, which ranges from -1 octave to +1 octave.

BITS - two different bitcrushing algorithms, based on sample rate and resolution reduction. It produces distortion and warms the audio signal.

FILTER - a low resonance filter, DJ-style, cutting off the high frequencies or the low frequencies.

FREEZE - sample and loop a fraction of the played waveform, creating a glitching effect.

LEVELS - decrease the gain or drive the signal.

It’s also possible to edit ‘advanced parameters’ like START POINT, SAMPLE LENGTH, ATTACK/DECAY and RUN MODES, and create mute groups without breaking a sweat.

Finally, thanks to the 4x CV inputs and the midi, any of the effects (or advanced parameters) can be assigned to create amazing modulations!

Multi-layer sampling

One of the key feature is the ability to "multi-sample" your kits, multiplying Rample’s potential. Each voice supports up to 12 samples, can be played randomly or in a controlled fashion. It’s a great way to add complexity and variations, to create organic/acoustic sounding drums, or simply to increase the number of samples per kit (up to 48).

As an example, we are providing a multi-layered drum kit, with 12 different recordings of a kick, 12 different recordings of a snare, etc. Sequencing them randomly leads to a more natural drum playing.

We are also providing an other kind of multi-layered acoustic drum kit, where each drum is recorded with 12 levels of velocity. Controlling the layer to be played leads to intricate, convoluted drums programming.

Of course, it’s very easy to create your own multi-layered kit, and you can use this method to perform multiple synth chords, sound glitches, voices, breakbeats, ...

CV/Gate and Midi interface

Rample is designed to be the perfect rhythmic companion of your eurorack system thanks to its Gate (trig samples) and CV (modulate samples) connectivity.

You can also use it as a standalone midi machine, without using the CV/Gate connectivity: the midi in port allows you to trig & control all samples parameters + effects values at the same time.

It's even possible to play your samples like chromatic notes, with a two-octave range, using the v/octave CV inputs or the midi input. Tune your drums or perform Rample like a synthesizer!

Each Rample comes with a ‘stereo jack to midi DIN’ and ‘stereo jack to jack’ adapters, easing the chaining of multiple modules in order to create an 8-voice, 12-voice, 16-voice (or more) midi drum machine.




SD card preloaded with 200+ kits from artists and sound designers, covering a large range of audio samples

  • Low latency 4-voice sample player
  • Stereo support (up to 2 stereo voices)
  • plays .wav files, organized as 'kits' inside the microSD card
  • up to 2600 kits (A0 to Z99)
  • no sample (or layers) duration limit (can even plays several hours files)
  • each voice has a 5-effect rack: bitcrusher, pitch (6-pole interpolator), filter, freeze, drive
  • ... and more parameters: level, sample start point, length, attack/decay and run mode
  • mute groups for each sample
  • multilayers: each voice can be “multi-sampled” with up to 12 samples
  • everything is controllable with the CV inputs or via midi in
  • microSD preloaded with artists kits
  • easy to create and import samples from the micro SD card


  • 4 Gate (for sample trig)
  • 4 assignable CV to modulate effects parameters [-5V to +5V]
  • 1 midi in (control/sequence Rample, TRS type A standard, jack to din adapter included)


  • 4 dedicated audio outputs (mono, DC-coupled = can play CV signals) [-5V to +5V]
  • 1 audio mix output (unplugged audio outputs are normalled to "mix" with volume control)
  • 1 midi thru (for Rample chaining, jack to jack cable included)

User interface

  • 4 high-quality potentiometers for playing with effects and parameters
  • 6 push buttons
  • menu clickable encoder
  • red matrix screen
  • microSD card slot to read your kits and upgrade the OS (SD card included)


  • Streaming from SD card and internal RAM
  • DAC (audio outputs): 16-bit 44100Hz (CD quality)
  • ADC (CV inputs) resolution: 12-bit
  • width: 14HP (up to 25mm in depth with power ribbon cable)
  • weight: 170gr
  • requires a ±12V eurorack supply (consume 220mA from the +12V rail and 40mA from the -12V rail)

Engineered in Paris and assembled in France.
Package made from recycled EVA foam and cardboard.

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