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Fast firmware update

To update Hermod+:
  • drag the "hermodplus.bin" file into the SD card (do not change the file name)
  • insert the SD card in Hermod+
  • power on Hermod+ while holding the main encoder and wait for the flashing procedure to complete.

Download Hermod+OS 1.30

  • format your SD card with your computer ("FAT32" with Windows, "MS-DOS FAT" with Mac) before using it with Hermod+
  • before updating Hermod+, please backup your projects on your computer to prevent any SD file corruption
  • we encourage users to regularly backup projects besides the SD card
  • please use your dedicated SD card only with Hermod+ to secure your projects
  • if you still experience issues when updating the OS, even with a recently formatted card, please try an other SD card

Every bug reports & suggestions must be sent here:

Hermod+OS 1.30
May 21, 2024

New features
  • Tuner: an advanced tool to easily tune your oscillators.
  • MIDI monitor: displays incoming MIDI/USB events.
Bug fixes
  • Hermod+ did not always respond to MIDI message START
  • Changing the CV CLOCK DIV setting during synchronized playing could cause a crash.
  • On Air mode: STEP+X (to delete a pattern) changed the keyboard octave.

Download Hermod+OS 1.30

Hermod+OS 1.20
April 29, 2024

New features
  • Audio synchronization from a DAW is now possible, enabling sample-rate precision.
  • NEW SETTING: SYNC INPUT > CV RESET = AUTO (auto-stop Hermod+ player when not receiving an incoming CV clock for more than 2 seconds).
  • NEW LAYOUTS: now you can mix a MOD (modulation automation) CV output with other voices (for example, a 2-VOICE layout MONO+MODULATION, or a 3-VOICE layout with MONO+VEL+MODULATION).
  • EFFECTS MODE: select and enter an effect slot when holding its pad. Allows faster effect navigation (adding or editing parameters).
  • MONITOR: improved UI, fine pitch is easier to read.
  • Player clock jitter (when using external clock source) greatly improved.
  • Hz/V standard now works with input range from C5 to F8 notes (was C0 to F3).
Bug fixes
  • LFO and ENVELOPE EFFECTS: fixed unsynchronization issues.
  • RANDOMIZER EFFECT: randomized out-of-range notes were generating negative values on CV outputs.
  • Hz/V OUTPUT STANDARD: out-of-range notes were not filtered and were generating random CV output values.
  • LOOPER: when performing the Y+REC looper shortcut from TRACK MODE, Hermod+ was also entering the SETTINGS mode.
  • LOOPER: notes held when Hermod+ was playing (but before recording) was recorded at a random position.
  • When Hermod+ is using external sync, sometimes the RESET OUT was not set to LOW when RESET OUT MODE = RUN=HIGH.

Download Hermod+OS 1.20

Hermod+OS 1.12
April 8, 2024

Bug fixes
  • TRACK LAYOUTS: Fixed LAYOUT = GATE + VELOCITY configuration.
  • ECHO FX: Delayed notes where slightly unsynced on the grid (when sync = ON).
  • EUCLID FX: Rate 1/1 was creating shorter notes, not 1-bar length notes.
  • REC: Popup was always displayed when REC was enable from a CV INPUT.
  • RANDOM FX: Note length percentage is now computed relative to the original note length, rather than relative to the bar.

Download Hermod+OS 1.12

Hermod+OS 1.11
February 29, 2024

Bug fixes
  • Loading a project with the player running could self-cancel unexpectedly.

Download Hermod+OS 1.11

Hermod+OS 1.10
February 26, 2024

New features
  • Hold STEP and press REC to enter the new 'ON AIR' mode. In this new mode, the 16-pad grid turns into a chromatic keyboard, enabling you to play and record notes. Scrolling the selected note will transpose the keyboard and set the note of the bottom-left pad. It is also available on MOD tracks, where you can play MOD values with the 16 pads.
  • Improved timing precision of note recordings.
  • Lower overall latency.
  • DELAY effect renamed to ECHO
Bug fixes
  • SYNC: When using an external CLOCK SOURCE, the firt clock pulse was ignored, causing jitter.
  • GATE OUT: When overlapping two of the same note, the GATE output did not retrig, and fully ignored the second note.
  • REC: When recording with HARD REC option, QUANTIZE was temporarily disabled on all tracks.
  • REC: CV IN was not able to capture very short trigs.
  • REC: CV IN was not able to capture low-voltage gates.
  • REC: When recording MOD from CV IN, the CV output was a mangle of the previously recorded value and the newly recorded value.
  • MIDI IN: Receiving MIDI SYSEX could cause a crash.
  • UX: Copying a pattern from the STEP menu would re-enable follow playhead.
  • UX: Un-zooming could set the current page to a blank page beyond the pattern length.
  • FX ARP : octave had no effect when STYLE = Random.
  • FX SCALER : muting/unmuting the effect could cause stuck notes.
  • FX MOD TO NOTE : muting/unmuting the effect could cause stuck notes.
  • FX MOD TO NOTE : when QUANTIZE = Sample And Hold, notes were not re-triggered if MOD input did not change.
  • FX ENV : would sometimes send unexpected NoteOff messages when stopping playback.
  • FX NOTE TO CC : would sometimes send unexpected NoteOff messages when stopping playback.

Download Hermod+OS 1.10

Hermod+OS 1.02
September 13, 2023

Bug fixes
  • STEP MODE: In STEP context menu, choosing 'DELETE' would not refresh the screen and LEDs.
  • STEP MODE: 'Follow playhead' enagage/disengage logic was wrong.
  • CV IN : CV/GATE pair input would not turn the control voltage into the correct note.
  • MODMATRIX: Very slow CV variation would fail to trigger modmatrix events.

Download Hermod+OS 1.02

Hermod+OS 1.01
August 21, 2023

Bug fixes
  • SETTINGS MISC: tweaking 'HOLD TIME' setting could cause a crash.
  • SETTINGS MIDI THRU: 'MIDI > MIDI' was not working.
  • SETTINGS MIDI IN : PROG CHANGE SEQ was not working.
  • On some units, holding FX or TRACK could cause unpredictable screen glitches.
  • Fixed a CRASH when naming a project with only underscores.
  • Effects could get out of sync when the input BPM varied drastically.
  • Effect LFO could get out of sync when Hermod+ was following an external clock.
  • Effect MOD TO NOTE : was buggy when using CC inputs.
  • Effect MOD TO NOTE : sample and hold was broken.
  • Effect EUCLID would be out of sync when adding it while the player was running.
  • Effect LFO failed to send the very first value of its waveform after a 'PLAY' event.
  • Effect SCALER : using PATTERN LOCK value on COLOR was reseting the SCALE to the first scale of the color.
  • When using the CV RESET INPUT, and CLOCK SOURCE = INTERNAL, Hermod+ was not restarting.
  • Pasting events would merge clipboard events with existing data.
Minor additions
  • Added CHROMATIC scale to SCALER effect.
Ergonomics & Cosmetic changes
  • PROJECT NAMING : hold DELETE to clear the entire project name.
  • ROW EDIT : improved UI.
  • Mod Matrix : improved UI.

Download Hermod+OS 1.01

Hermod+OS 1.00
June 20, 2023

First publicly released firmware of HERMOD+

    Download Hermod+OS 1.00