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Fast firmware update

To update Hermod:
  • remove Hermod from your eurorack case, push and release the micro SD card
  • put the micro SD inside the SD adapter and insert it in your computer
  • drag the "hermod.bin" file into the micro SD card (do not change the file name)
  • insert the SD card in Hermod
  • power on Hermod while holding the encoder and wait a few seconds
  • the version is displayed on the startup screen

Download hermodOS 1.72

  • we encourage users to regularly backup projects besides the SD card
  • in case of any freeze issues while updating the firmware or saving projects, please format your SD card with your computer ("FAT32" with Windows, "MS-DOS FAT" with Mac)

Every bug reports & suggestions must be sent here:

hermodOS 1.72
July 26, 2022

Bug fixes
  • Changing the active track while playing notes live on a controller could cause stuck notes.
  • Chance FX sync time divisions were displayed incorrectly
  • In the modmatrix, CV modulations sometimes did not update on a sequence change
  • LFO FX 'SQUARE' shape was slightly out of phase with gates
  • Glide effect could behave erratically with very high notes
  • lfo rate CC modulation through modmatrix didn't work properly outside edit fx window
  • In SEQ mode, scheduling a sequence change now also displays the schedule sequence on screen, to the right of the currently playing sequence.

Download hermodOS 1.72

hermodOS 1.71
December 21, 2020

Bug fixes
  • Changing track length by 1/16th note increments was broken

Download hermodOS 1.71

hermodOS 1.7
December 17, 2020

New features
  • Double/divide track length : hold X+Y, rotate the encoder
  • Global mute : in TRACK mode, press & hold the encoder, then select the track to be muted with pad 1 to 8. A cross will be shown on the screen. This track will stay muted even if you change the sequence, and will stay muted until you enable it again with encoder + pad
  • Step mode, randomize a selection : hold a step and press Y
  • Cancel scheduled sequence : when a sequence is armed to be played next, press this sequence again to cancel the scheduling
  • Now you can mute a track even if the track is empty
  • CV IN: improved latency for gates "high level" detection
  • Code optimisation
Bug fixes
  • Fixed impossible to mute/unmute track & invisible tracks problem
  • Fixed freeze during loading of heavy projects
  • Fixed arpeggiator doubling notes
  • Fixed track randomizer always randomizing track 1
  • Fixed CV REC broken (only CC1 was working)
  • Fixed FX MIDI min note & max note issue
  • Emptying a track does not unmute it anymore

Download hermodOS 1.7

hermodOS 1.61
September 22, 2020

Bug fixes
  • CV REC was broken
  • Advanced editor could not go backward
  • Prevent all freeze issues while randomizing tracks

Download hermodOS 1.61

hermodOS 1.60
August 12, 2020

New features
  • TRACK LENGTH 1/16th notes (instead of 1/4): now the polymetric resolution goes up to a sixteenth note! When changing the track length, hold the encoder to add/remove a sixteenth note to the length.
  • SEQ LOOP 1/16th AND MORE: in SEQ mode, the LOOP length parameter can now be set to additional "SHORTEST", "LONGEST", and "TRACK X" lengths. Furthermore, for the more traditional fixed length LOOP length, the length resolution now goes up to a 16th note. Press and hold the encoder when changing LOOP to add/remove 1/16th notes.
  • MODMATRIX ATTENUVERTER/OFFSET: every modulation input can go through an attenuverter / offset stage. Buttons ① ② ③ ④ give you access to the normal modulation input/output, while ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ show the attenuverter/offset stage for a given modulation.
  • STEP RANGES: in Step Mode, you can now select step ranges. For example, press ① and ④ to select all events from ① to ④. Pressing ① and ⑧ selects the entire page. To select every event, across all pages, press [STEP] and ⑧.
  • MOD CC ROUTING: Mod CC is now routed both to the track and the modmatrix
  • QUANTIZER: new options to allow triplets (1/24 and 1/12)
  • BETTER DAC CALIBRATION: (note that this new firmware is not compatible with your last DAC calibration, you will have start a DAC calibration again).
  • NEW ADC CALIBRATION: hold Y at startup. Select the input to calibrate (A, B, C or D) with 1, 2, 3 or 4. Rotate the encoder to fine tune the ADC voltage. Press the encoder to select the voltage to calibrate, from -4V to +4V (tips: the 8 CV OUT always output the selected voltage). Save this calibration: press X.
  • RANDOMIZER: each track now has its own set of parameters
  • MOD TRACK: it's now possible to delete only gates
  • ENCODER ACCELERATION: scrolling the encoder fast will change the parameter faster (enabled modes: STEP note values & track length edit, EFFECT edit, Attenuverter)
  • PHONE KEYPAD STYLE: while editing the project name, you can press repetitively pads 1...8 to jump and select characters (A..D, E..H, I...L, M...P, Q...T, U...X, Y...0, 1...9)
  • SAVE AS now suggests the last used project name
  • CURRENT TRACK of the project is now saved and loaded
  • LZX CV: You can now configure whether a track outputs a CV range of -5V to +5V (1V/octave), or -1V to +1V (to follow the video synthesis CV standard, used amongst others by LZX industries). These options are placed under settings > misc > cv out. Also added, settings > cv/gate in > cv in range = -1 > +1V, in order to record properly this new CV standard.
Bug fixes
  • CC64 was sometimes erroneously recorded in a sequence
  • Advanced editor was no longer accessible from v1.50
  • Fix BPM tap tempo UI
  • CV D was sometimes not routed to the modmatrix
  • Recorded MOD events were erroneously read as CC1
  • Improved sync with Ableton
  • Ending REC by pressing PLAY (=stop) sometimes did not disarm REC
  • Improved input delay for CV/Gate input
  • In SEQ mode, the first pattern played was sometimes not the first in the sequence
  • LFO phase was inverted in SQUARE shape
  • Euclid effect sometimes missed events when Hermod was synced
  • Setting CV IN RANGE to 0>5V sometimes scaled the note pitch, resulting in out of tune notes.
  • Recording notes with setting QUANTIZE NOTE = ON (GATE) sometimes caused a delay
  • Add new FX list was sometimes broken
  • CC1 ... CC119 can now be used in modMatrix even if set as an INPUT MOD
  • More precise BPM when CLOCK SOURCE is external
  • Scrolling through sequencer pages was sometimes impossible
  • SEQ PLAY = RESTART was not always behaving correctly
  • SEQ PLAY = JUMP did not play notes if the playhead jumped halfway through them.
  • Code optimization
  • Cosmetic changes

Download hermodOS 1.60

hermodOS 1.50
June 5, 2020

Bug fixes
  • First note was sometimes skipped after a sequence change
  • Delay effect sometimes got stuck at fast rates
  • Muting and unmuting multiple Swing effects sometimes caused stuck notes
  • LFO in synced rates started out of sync then snapped in sync, when Hermod used an external MIDI clock
  • Euclid effect was synced on upbeat (instead of downbeat)
  • Randomizing a short pattern sometimes caused fatal error (freeze)
  • Randomizing a pattern disabled scrolling between pages
  • Randomizing a MOD layout track deleted the user-added gates
  • Adding an ARP effect before a RAND effect sometimes caused stuck notes
  • Replacing a RAND effect by a SCALE effect sometimes caused stuck notes
  • Loading a new project did not reset the song sequence
  • When selecting a step and immediately rotating the encoder, the page was changing instead of the note value
  • After loading a project with a clock source not internal, the display was not updated correctly
  • Sequence chain position was not reset after a STOP
  • Modulation tracks kept sending user-added gates even if the gate output was assigned as a CLOCK OUT
  • Midi input "learn" was not updating the note parameters (pitch & velocity) when the midi channel was not set with ACTIVE TRACK.
New features
  • TRACK mode now displays whether a track contains notes, modulation, pitch/aftertouch (with different icons)
  • Sequence mode now has a 'Duplicate Core to' function (copy all track effects and parameters to the next selected sequence)
  • MIDI CC 64 (sustain pedal) is now recorded during a performance, and can be forwarded to MIDI devices with the MIDI OUT effect
  • MIDI effect now has an 'Apply sustain' parameter. This holds NOTE OFF messages when CC64 is high, and releases them all when CC64 goes low (turning this ON consumes CC64 messages)
  • Hermod can now be synchronized in a "step advance" (trigger) style, thanks to the setting CV TRANSPORT = A/B/C/D TRIG. The setting CLOCK IN DIV let you choose how much time the sequencer will run for 1 input trig, from 1/32 note to 1/4 note). Please note CLOCK SOURCE must be set to INTERNAL to use this mode.
  • Randomizer parameters are now saved per project
  • In STEP mode, you can now hold multiple steps and edit the selection parameters.
  • New settings: MISC > PADS LEDS. 'HIGH LUM' will disable the dimmed brightness. 'OFF' will disable these 16 leds.
  • New settings: MISC > RGB LEDS. 'LOW LUM' will lower the brightness. 'OFF' will disable these 8 leds.
  • New settings: CLOCK > SOURCE = CV A...B NO CLOCK (no midi clock will be sent to outputs midi, device & host)
  • New shortcut EFFECT mode: FX+[step] goes directly to FX edit
  • New shortcut STEP mode: hold STEP and press X to delete all events of the current track
  • New shortcut STEP mode: hold STEP and press Y to randomize the current track
  • New shortcut STEP mode: hold STEP and press a pad (1 to 8) to quickly set a note length (1/8 to 8)
  • New shortcut STEP mode: when holding a step and editing its note value, rotate the encoder while pressing it to enable fast scroll (works also for the velocity value)
  • New shortcut STEP mode (MOD track): long presses on STEP toggles between the MOD and GATE edit submodes
  • Simultaneous notes limit was increased from 8 to 16 per track
  • MIDI CC1 (modwheel) can now be used in the modmatrix, when not used as a mod input in the MIDI effect
  • Code optimization
  • Cosmetic changes

Download hermodOS 1.50

hermodOS 1.42
october 29, 2019

New features
  • New settings: MIDI IN > TRACK x = ... ROOT CH01 ... ROOT CH16 (set the track's ROOT NOTE parameter of the MIDI effect, with an incoming midi note from C2 to C8).
  • New settings: MIDI IN > TRACK x = ... TRSP CH01 ... TRSP CH16 (set the track's TRANSPOSE parameter of the SCALE effect, with an incoming midi note from C2 to C8)).
  • New settings: CLOCK IN+OUT > CLOCK SOURCE = MID NO CLOCK (Hermod clocked by midi in, do not retransmit clock messages to midi out), HOS NO CLOCK (Hermod clocked by host in, do not retransmit clock messages to host out), DEV NO CLOCK (Hermod clocked by device in, do not retransmit clock messages to device out).
Bug fixes
  • Encoder had to be moved to enable click selection.
  • modMatrix: a voltage of 5V was forcing the effect parameter to its minimum.
  • Code optimization.

Download hermodOS 1.42

hermodOS 1.41
september 24, 2019

Bug fixes
  • Hermod USB device port was not working anymore with some HOST devices
  • Project manager was not allowing to save a "_" default project
  • encoder precision improved

Download hermodOS 1.41

hermodOS 1.4
august 27, 2019

New features
  • enable the track randomizer triggered with the CV input D: setting CLOCK IN+OUT > CV TRANSPORT = D RAND TR1 .. TR8
  • while being in SEQ mode, press the encoder and select DUPLICATE TO, then select a new sequence with the 8 pads: this sequence will be launched in sync, and the previous sequence will be duplicated to this new sequence, enabling you to not break your workflow.
  • new settings CLOCK IN+OUT > CV CLOCK OUT = G+RESET P (send a reset pulse after a PLAY) and G+RESET S (send a reset pulse after a STOP)
  • while being on a MOD track (STEP mode), press the encoder and select RESET SELECTED MOD to reset the modulation value to 63 and update the CV output to 0V.
Bug fixes
  • USB host now compatible with new devices! Including Akai MPK mini MK2, Teenage OP-Z, Arturia Microfreak, Sensel Morph.
  • when INPUT MOD different from CC1, the modulation was not sent to the CV outputs
  • LFO FX was drifting
  • chaining sequencing (when Hermod was synced to an external clock) was inducing synchronization problems
  • sequence mode LOOP=FULL is now updated after a change on a track length
  • sometimes, the SCALE FX parameter SCALE was not saved
  • CV clock output now observing a 50% duty cycle (high state time = low state time) to improve clocking compatibility
  • sometimes, calibration procedure was not saved
  • the MIDI FX parameter ROOT NOTE does not detune the CV outputs anymore (when different from 60)
  • midi aftertouch was inverted (now going from -5V to +5V)
  • when Hermod is clocked by an input, it does not send the clock anymore on the corresponding output (avoiding midi clock loops)
  • real time recording with CV inputs ABCD improved when Hermod is synced to an external clock
  • encoder precision improved
  • overall stability and performances improved

Download hermodOS 1.4

hermodOS 1.3
april 2, 2019

New features
  • REC WAIT/LOOPER : press X+REC (only if Hermod uses its internal clock) - if Hermod is stopped, it will wait for you to play a note before starting to play and record (punch in).
    - if Hermod is already playing, it will wait for the next bar to restart the player and enable the recording.
    - pressing REC again will end the recording and will set the track length to the recording time, like a looper (from 1 bar to 16 bar).
    - tip: pressing X+Y+REC will enable the looper with hard recording.
  • MULTITRACK RECORDING: press STEP+REC to enable multitrack recording (omni mode). Up to 8 routed tracks (via midi in, usb in, cv/gate in, ...) can be recorded at the same time.
  • RESTART: press SEQ+PLAY to restart (re-sync) all tracks.
  • New SETTINGS > CLOCK > CV CLOCK OUT (G1+RUN, G2+RUN, G3+RUN...). If set, the CV voice will output 5V if Hermod is playing and 0V if Hermod is stopped.
  • New SETTINGS > CLOCK > CLOCK SOURCE (TRANSP OFF). If set, the clock will be internal but Hermod will not send transport midi messages (CLOCK, START, STOP, ...) to the midi/usb host/usb device outputs.
  • New SETTINGS > MIDI IN > PROG CHANGE (OFF, ALL, 1, 2, 3, ...16). Now you can select the channel of Program Change midi message (in order to switch between sequences).
  • New LFO RATE values, to make it slower : 6/1, 8/1, 16/1, 32/1, 64/1, 128/1.
  • FX SCALE : TRANSPOSE range increased (-36...36 instead of -12...+12).
  • Autoload template project : if you name a project as "_", it will always be loaded at startup, even if you saved or loaded an other project more recently, making it easier to have a template project.
Bug fixes
  • Freeze when changing sequences while synced to an external clock, and receiving midi notes.
  • Freeze when generating patterns with the randomizer.
  • Improved delay when recording notes via the midi input.
  • When changing sequences (with PLAY+SEQ), sometimes, tracks were not reset to their beginning.
  • When assigning an effect parameter (modMatrix) to CVA, it was not possible to change the value in the effect view.
  • FX CHANCE was not playing the first note (if affected by sync chance).
  • When SETTINGS > CV IN > TRACK X = CV/GATE AB/CD, this input CV value was used to define the mid-value of the LFO effect (now you have to use only SETTINGS > CV IN > TRACK X = MOD A/B/C/D).
  • Now the LFO will not run when Hermod is stopped.
  • After loading a project, sometimes, MOD tracks were displayed as NOTE tracks on the screen.
  • Held note when using the FX MIDI OUTPUT and overlapping the same note.
  • FX MIDI : now if INPUT MOD is not set to CC1, CC1 can't control the modulation anymore.
  • HARD REC was not usable when the current track was set to MOD.
  • CV inputs (ABCD) accuracy greatly improved.

Download hermodOS 1.3

hermodOS 1.21
december 18, 2018

New features
  • GLIDE FX: glide time can now be set to 0 (no glide).
Bug fixes
  • FREEZE when pressing X or Y when viewing the last page of a 64-beat track.
  • FREEZE when deleting a track and pressing PLAY.
  • Quantizer improvement (now the last notes of a track can be be quantized to the beginning).
  • In STEP mode, a long press on the STEP pad was reseting the page position.

Download hermodOS 1.21

hermodOS 1.20
december 6, 2018

New features
  • STEP MODE: now you can reset the selected note to C4 (click the encoder, select CLEAR SELECTED NOTE).
  • STEP MODE: if no modulation is recorded on a MOD track, the screen displays a dotted line.
  • STEP MODE: if your are not in a modulation track and you hold STEP+rotate the encoder, you will change the octave of the selected note.
  • MIDI FX: new parameter INPUT MOD. Allows you to select the input CC number, in order to control the modulation track (in previous versions, CC1 was the only possible CC number). Note that you will still be able to use CC1 (modwheel) even if this CC is not selected.
  • MIDI FX: new parameter ALLOCATOR. Allows you to select how the voice-stealing works, when the track layout is polyphonic. You can set CYCLIC (when a new the note is received, the next free voice is allocated), POLY (same as in previous versions, works closely as cyclic but if a new note was already allocated on a voice, this voice will keep this new note), FIRST (the first note will always play on the first voice, the second note will always play on the second voice, ... ), RANDOM (voices are randomly allocated).
  • TRACK MODE: a small "x" is displayed on the screen, if the track includes events (notes, modulation, gate, pitchbend or aftertouch).
  • SETTINGS: new parameter CV IN > QUANTIZE NOTE = ON (GATE). Get and convert inputed CV/GATE note only at the moment when the gate goes low to high.
  • SETTINGS: new parameter CV IN > RANGE = -2.5V > 2.5V, in order to scale a -2.5V ... 2.5V input signal to Hermod's standard -5V ... +5V
  • SETTINGS: new parameters CLOCK > CV CLOCK OUT = G1+RESET, G2+RESET, ... G8+RESET. When selected, Hermod will output a RESET signal on the CV output (together with the clock on the GATE output), helping your modules to keep the sync when PLAY is pressed.
  • PROJECT: for more safety, now you have to press X to load a project or delete a project (in the project list).
  • LFO FX: DESTINATION = MOD is now selected by default when you work on a MODULATION track.
  • TRACK LAYOUT = 1 VOICE: MODULATION is now selected by default.
  • Lowest BPM is now 1 instead of 40
Bug fixes
  • Encoder precision improved.
  • ABDC inputs precision and calibration improved.
  • Monitoring CV/GATE inputs AB or CD (to the CV/GATE outputs) is now only possible when the track is either recording, empty, muted, or if the sequencer is stopped.
  • When you enter a menu, the selection cursor is now always on the left.
  • TAP TEMPO: the limit is now fixed to 250
  • Freeze with DELETE PROJECT empty selection fixed.
  • Freeze with PASTE TRACK fixed.
  • STEP MODE: the C10 note is now accessible with the piano roll
  • STEP MODE = MOD: changing the GATE length was adding an event MODULATION.
  • STEP MODE: advanced mode is now working.
  • Hermod freeze at startup (when receiving incoming midi clock) solved
  • STUCK GATE fixed (when we change the current track, and that track was assigned to CV/GATE inputs).
  • SETTINGS > CV IN > RANGE now works (in previous versions, 0V>5V worked as the -5V>5V parameter).
  • STEP mode: fixed a bug that was making difficult to enter a step when this one was already including pitch or aftertouch.
  • SCALE FX: changing TRANSPOSE parameter was working when if the effect was muted.
  • SCALE FX: CHROMATIC, OCTAVE, MAJ THIRD, FOURTH parameters now works as they should.
  • DELAY FX: DRY/WET = 0% was playing the delayed notes, instead of playing only the original note.
  • DELAY FX: problem with unsynced delayed notes fixed.
  • HARMONIZER FX: the HARMO 4 parameter now works.
  • MIDI OUTPUT FX: now it does not send the pitchbend, aftertouch or modulation CC if no changes have been detected.
  • SWING FX: sometimes, the very first notes of the track were missing.
  • LFO FX: when we change the BPM, the LFO effect keeps its sync.
  • PROJECT: LOAD is faster. SAVE is more robust. Latency when we enter the LOAD PROJECT list is drastically reduced.

Download hermodOS 1.20

hermodOS 1.10
september 22, 2018

New features
  • AUTOLOAD: now Hermod loads at startup the last saved or loaded projet (hold STEP at startup to direclty load a new project).
  • New parameter GATE RETRIG is added in the effect MIDI. If enable, the track will re-trigger the gate output each time a new note is overlapping an other note, in order to break the glide/legato. In other words, when a new note is sent to the CV output, the GATE output will always be triggered.
  • Hard Rec: in STEP mode, hold Y and press REC to enable a "hard rec" recording (= no overdub). Previously recorded notes will be overwritten.
  • CV inputs: added parameters in SETTINGS > CLOCK > CV TRANSPORT = CV PLAY A/B/C/D. A continuous high level on a CV input will play Hermod, a low level will stop Hermod and reset the player position ("DIN sync" start/stop standard).
  • CV inputs: added parameters in SETTINGS > CLOCK > CV TRANSPORT = CV REC A/B/C/D. A continuous high level on a CV input will enable the recording, a low level will disable the recording.
  • Project Menu: NEW PROJECT is added at the end of the list.
  • LFO: now, the LFO EFFECT range can be set up to 200% in order to get the maximum output voltage of +/-5V.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug making gate output always high (because of a stuck notes), when using some USB controllers (eg the Keystep).
  • CV IN sync: fixed a bug making Hermod to start with a latency when SETTINGS > CLOCK > CLOCK SOURCE = CV A/B/C/D.
  • LFO FX: unsync problem with some rates (eg 1/8) now fixed.
  • DELAY FX: DRY/WET=100% now never play the original note.
  • Loop Full: fixed a bug making Hermod to play an other sequence before the end of the FULL loop.
  • Fixed a bug making the user interface behaving differently (or making the screen not updating new values) when SETTINGS > CLOCK > SOURCE different from INTERNAL.
  • modMatrix: CC11 was missing
  • modMatrix: now you can validate a parameter (eg midi:root note) by simply leaving the modmatrix, without clicking the encoder.
  • Freeze: Fixed a bug making Hermod to crash when changing sequences (for projects with SETTINGS > CV IN > TRACK X = CV/GATE AB or CD)
  • Save As: fixed a bug making Hermod to crash when saving with a long project name.
  • New Project: now, every project parameters are reset to initial values after selecting NEW PROJECT.
  • External clock: fixed a bug making Hermod to play (start) only if songposition was at the very beggining, when slaving Hermod with a DAW.
  • Overall stability and timing precision improvements.

Download hermodOS 1.10

hermodOS 1.03
june 18, 2018

Bug fixes
  • Hermod tempo always had a 2BPM offset
  • Hermod freeze when playing with the ModMatrix parameters
  • Hermod freeze when randomizing a pattern on a modulation track
  • Sync problem when slaving Hermod with another Hermod via USB, and loading or saving a project on the "master" Hermod
  • CV OUT frozen value on a modulation track, when "mod range Max" or "mod range Min" (MIDI FX) is changed
  • SEQ mode: when LOOP = FULL, Hermod never jump to the next selected sequence
  • COPY/PASTE SEQ: ModMatrix parameters was not paste

Download hermodOS 1.03

hermodOS 1.021
april 25, 2018

Bug fixes
  • Analog clock is now sent only when Hermod is playing.
  • Fixed an issue causing synced instruments to not start from the beggining after a PLAY (when Hermod was itself synced to an external clock).

hermodOS 1.02
april 23, 2018

Bug fixes
  • When muting an LFO, modulation signal wasn’t going through, it is now solved. Square and S&H were blocking earlier modulation, it is now properly going through.
  • When saving and loading a project, Cv clock output was hanging, it is now properly going through.
  • Greatly improved internal clock accuracy (from ~0.5% to ~0.07%).
  • The hold timings was causing some issue with the play buttons. The timing is now a little longer and the handling process was improved.
  • Accessing BPM know works seemlessly
  • The reset CV input previously only worked with CV clock, it now works with each clock mode.
  • Changing sequence or loading a project wasn’t reloading the modMatrix properly, it is now solved.
  • When launching REC with the sequencer stopped, the held note are now correctly recorded.
  • In restart playback mode, when a song is running, each sequence will now restart from the beginning.
  • In sequence mode, a “full” setting was added to loop length (just before 1). The loop length is set as the longest track length of the sequence.
  • Now you can change the loop length without deleting the chain.
  • General stability improvement.

hermodOS 1.01
march 29, 2018

Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with MIDI implementation that would cause problem with some device (Octatrack among others)
  • Improved CV clocking stability
  • CV clock reset now works properly
  • Changed the behaviour of the play button while CV clocked: you can now start/stop the sequencer manually (you also need to start the sequencer manually)
  • Fixed some UI bugs (MIDI effect wasn’t showing properly)
  • Fixed a bug with the Euclid effect
  • Added “RAND” waveform tothe LFO effect (S&H)
  • When recording CV input, very short pulses were ignored (Rene in snake mode for example), it now works properly.
  • You can now delete a project!
  • When a track is emptied, it is now auto-unmuted
  • The MIDI output effect now correctly sends note off when a sequence change occur