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Fast firmware update

To update Pyramid:
  • drag the "PyraOs.bin" file into the SD card (do not change the file name)
  • insert the SD card in Pyramid
  • power on Pyramid while holding the menu encoder
    and wait a few seconds
  • the version is displayed on the startup screen

Download PyraOS 4.03

  • format your SD card with your computer ("FAT32" with Windows, "MS-DOS FAT" with Mac) before using it with Pyramid
  • before updating PyraOs, please backup your PYRA projects on your computer to prevent any SD file corruption
  • we encourage users to regularly backup projects besides the SD card
  • please use your dedicated SD card only with Pyramid to secure your projects
  • if you still experience issues when updating the OS, even with a recently formatted card, please try an other SD card

Every bug reports & suggestions must be sent here:

PyraOS 4.03
october 10, 2023

Bug fixes
  • Pitchbend was recorded and played on 7bit (instead of the 14bit resolution range)
  • Play at startup issue when combined with autoload
  • Wrong assign destination of encoder 5 upon a project save
  • Live repeat gate issues with high rate settings
  • Program change inputs not recognized on patterns other than P1
  • Pedal Hard Rec assignation issues
  • Randomizer FX note length parameter range was limited to 13
  • Copy/paste issues on sequences > 16

Download PyraOS 4.03

PyraOS 4.02
april 6, 2021

Bug fixes
  • fixed Pattern Mode (STEP+TRACK) was not always fully enabled on the 16-led
  • fixed ROTATE fatal error (on a long pattern)
  • fixed REMOVE ASSIGN always displayed in assign list (even when encoder was free)
  • STEP mode (CC MESSAGES) : edit value on screen was frozen to 0 (when pattern length > 1 bar)
  • STEP mode : notes placed after 256 bars are now editable

Download PyraOS 4.02

PyraOS 4.01
february 22, 2021

Bug fixes
  • fixed screen flickering
  • fixed note length issue after loading
  • fixed led not showing patterns in PATTERN MODE

Download PyraOS 4.01

PyraOS 4.00
february 19, 2021

  • greatly optimized the real-time OS code, processing is now faster than ever
  • optimized memory, number of stored events are now limited to 13000 (instead of 10000)
  • CC messages are now sent before midi notes
  • Touchpad range improved
  • PEDAL REC now auto-set MODE LIVE
  • Error messages popups are not blocking the player anymore
  • improved SYNC LOAD = SEND CLOCK (the clock is more solid when loading a project)
  • it's not possible to consolidate time signature different from 4/4 anymore (to prevent consolidate issues)
  • midi learn is now working when OMNI MODE = MULTITRACK Bank A/B/C/D
Bug fixes
  • fixed pattern change was skipping the first beat
  • fixed EUCLID note length = 100 not saved
  • fixed VELOCITY not highlighted in step STEP mode VELOCITY is held
  • fixed USB fatal error after enabling USB = ON
  • fixed impossible to add note after track delete
  • fixed MODE LIVE REPEAT touchpad not sending velocity
  • fixed touchpad ASSIGN parameter (pitch / pressure / prog change) not displayed on popup
  • fixed pressing BPM or DISP while being in 2ND-TRACK NAME view broke the screen
  • fixed fatal error after a duplicate > 8 bars
  • fixed beat skipped after a sequence change with 2ND+<> from STOP in SEQ=PLAY
  • fixed screen flickering popups
  • fixed copy/paste sequence does not paste pattern info
  • fixed lost tracks names after saving settings or reseting settings
  • fixed PC send two times after project load
  • fixed major blues scale

Download PyraOS 4.00

PyraOS 3.23
january 28, 2020

Bug fixes
  • note learn was not working when omni mode = CH01 … CH16
  • impossible to manually set note velocity after using midi in « note learn » (step mode) fixed
  • Fixed error 317 PLAYER_TRACK

Download PyraOS 3.23

PyraOS 3.22
august 27, 2019

Bug fixes
  • Improved RAM memory space, now the maximum number of events is 10000
  • Note learn (multitrack mode) bug fixed
  • Fixed error 2081 SD_LOAD

PyraOS 3.21
july 4, 2019

Bug fixes
  • Space key was not working anymore when naming a project.
  • When Multitrack was enable and an EUCLID track was selected, midi in notes were not dispatched.
  • Empty list of project after autoload.
  • Fixed error 303 IDLE

PyraOS 3.2
april 1, 2019

New features
  • SETTINGS > MISC > PLAY PAD = RESTART 1/16, RESTART 1/8, RESTART BEAT, RESTART BAR. Enable you to press PLAY to restart all tracks in sync with the tempo.
  • ASSIGN GLOBAL CC: when ASSIGN TYPE is PER PROJECT, to assign a CC message globally (the CC channel will follow the selected track channel), hold 2ND when selecting the CC number in the CC assignation list.
  • Assign the CV output ENV OUT to note pitch or gate: hold TRACK + CHANNEL, and rotate the menu encoder (left) while pressing it. NOTE ENV will output the pitch of notes to the ENV output (1V/octave), GATE ENV will output the gate of notes (useful to trig external drum for example).
Bug fixes
  • Changing a track midi channel did not update the CC assignations.
  • Now the metronome is played high on all strong beats.
  • Note longer than 26 bars are now saved without being corrupted on SD card.
  • When loading a project, sometimes, polyrhythmic notes notes were slightly moved, creating an offset.
  • Now, when you paste a track, the track will be muted by default.
  • Fixed the pattern P01 "MSL/LSB selection" bug.
  • Duplicate function now copy all CC automation of the track (instead of the selected CC automation).
  • Fixed error 304 IHM_LOOP
  • Fixed error 5996 SCREEN PRINT
  • Fixed error 8784 SCREEN PRINT
  • Fixed error 1445 SCREEN FUNCTION
  • Fixed error 878 TRACK

PyraOS 3.1
december 19, 2018

New features
  • RANDOMIZER EFFECT: CHANCE parameter added (from 100% to 0%). Add a probability to randomize or not the parameters VELOCITY, PITCH or OCTAVE.
  • SETTINGS > CV/PEDAL > CV OUT 1V NOTE range is extended to 5 octaves.
  • PYRAMIDI: receiving CC66 now automatically set the LIVE MODE before recording.
  • SETTINGS > MISC new parameter: LED BRIGHTNESS = NIGHT MODE (enable white leds low luminosity for night uses).
Bug fixes
  • RUN MODE TRIG: sometimes, when changing a sequence or a pattern, notes of a TRIG track were not re-trigged.
  • Incoming MIDI messages (aftertouch, pitch, CC) were sent in disorder, when these messages was very close to each other.
  • PROGRAM CHANGE are now sent with better timing.
  • OMNI MODE = MULTITRACK: CC messages were sent only when a note was played.
  • LIVE LOOPER was not working when using time signature x/2 or x/1.
  • LIVE LOOPER refinement.
  • LIVE CUSTOM CHORDS: wrong output channel bug when MULTITRACK = BANK A.
  • STEP MODE NOTE: note learn problem after loading a project including a chord inside the note learn.
  • STEP MODE NOTE: learning notes from holding a step was not working until you move the main encoder.
  • STEP MODE EUCLID: screen freeze when Pyramid displays a long definition file note name.
  • STEP MODE CHORD: 2ND+click main encoder creates held notes.
  • SEQ MODE: mute state problem when we copy SEQ01 to an other sequence.
  • SEQ MODE: sequence progression line was also taking into account the muted tracks, instead of only the active tracks.
  • SCALE FX: note is not played when an transpose automation is programmed at the same step position.
  • SCALE FX: when transpose = -12, C0 is not scaled to C-1.
  • SCALE FX: the first note of a track was not played.
  • LFO FX: when muting and unmuting the LFO with 2ND+click encoder (in the effect manager), the waveform was always set to SINE.
  • LFO FX: when range = 0%, the LFO was not computing the CC automation drawn in the STEP MODE CC.
  • LFO FX: OFFSET was not saved in the project info, after a load.
  • LFO FX: WAVEFORM was set to OFF after a load, if saved as SINE.
  • TRSP (transpose enable with 2ND+TRACK) was creating hanging notes, when playing live on this transposed track.
  • Freeze when changing the INPUT SYNC setting, when Pyramid was using an external CV clock.
  • DEFINITION FILES: channel 0 + filter CC was not working.
  • METRONOME 5:4 bug (double notes were sent).
  • Error message "1052 player_sequence" fixed.
  • Error message "299 IHM_LOOP" fixed.
  • Error message "1404 screen_functions" fixed.
  • 2ND+TRACK "NAME": display glitch fixed.

PyraOS 3.0
august 24, 2018

New features LIVE mode
  • SCALE + CHORD INVERSIONS FIX: Some scales and chords were wrong, we fixed it, and fine tuned a lot of smartpad chords to make them work together.
  • New smartpad mode: CUSTOM CHORD.
  • Note/chords interaction between LIVE and STEP mode, with the setting MISC > LEARN NOTES = MIDI IN + LIVE.
  • POLYMETRIC LOOPER: now, you don't have to STOP Pyramid to record a new pattern with the looper and its countdown. It's a great way to create polymetric patterns (different track lengths) on the fly.
New features STEP mode
  • STEP DUPLICATE: hold TRACK+LENGTH and press < or > to duplicate or divide the track. For example, if your track is 4-bar length, holding TRACK+LENGTH and pressing > will duplicate the track to an 8-bar length pattern. Notes, FX and CC automation will be pasted.
  • Time signature and bar display: when the time signature is different than 4/4, Pyramid now displays on the piano roll a dotted line, showing the start of each bar (measure). Moreover, in stepmode NOTE, you can hold the pad eSTEPS to display on the 16th leds the start of the bar (high luminosity) and the start of the other beats (low luminosity). You can also hold the pad eFILL to only display the start of the bar.
New features TRACK mode
  • CONSOLIDATE: On any track, you can "consolidate" the effects, in order to write down the notes + CC messages computed. To consolidate a track, press 2ND+TRACK and select CONS. Then select the destination track with the menu encoder (can be the current track, or an empty track).
New features PATTERN mode
  • Now, press STEP+TRACK to enter the PATTERN MODE, instead of holding TRACK and rotating the menu encoder.
New features SEQ mode
  • Press DISP to display all active tracks in the current sequence. A list will also display up to 5 active tracks names + pattern number.
  • If Pyramid is playing a chain of sequences, press REC to loop the currently played sequence (the sequence will keep until you press again REC, or you restart Pyramid by pressing STOP and PLAY). Press 2ND+ < or > to jump to the previous/next sequence in the chain.
  • Now, you can copy/paste sequences (it will copy the track's mute states).
New features EFFECT
  • Now, you can add up to 5 effects per track. Quantize is now always present on slot 1. Its Default grid can be configured in SETTINGS > MISC > DEFAULT QUANTIZE, so you can decide to power on Pyramid and get a quantize active on each track, very handy for live performances.
  • FX LFO new parameter: OFFSET (set the LFO central value).
  • New QUANTIZE parameter: LEGATO. Allows to lengthen (a few ppqn) all notes of the tracks, and create a glide/legato effect on some mono synths. Useful when you record a performance in LIVE mode, but the recording do not preserve the legato of your performance.
  • New ARPEGGIATOR styles: 15 new great styles (DOUBLE, OCT UP, OCT DOWN, DRUNK, FIFTHS, ONE TWO, SILENCE, RUNNER, DISCO, MARBLE, RHYTHM 1/2/3), all working as the ASSIGN style (the note arrangement follows the playing order of the input).
  • New RANDOM parameter: OCTAVE, randomizing the octave of the note pitches.
New features ASSIGN
  • ASSIGN PER TRACK/PROJECT: Now, it's possible to assign the touchpad, the 5 encoders and the analog inputs per track. Each track will have its own set of assignations. Enable it SETTINGS > MISC > ASSIGN TYPE = PER TRACK.
  • New assign option: EFFECT MASTER: now you can change (with a single control) the Quantizer GRID, the Scale SCALE, the Scale KEY, the Chance CHANCE, or the Swing PERCENT of all tracks.
  • NEW TOUCHPAD POPUP: new display when the touchpad is assigned.
New features SYNC/CLOCK/BPM
  • ANALOG SYNC (Pyramid uses an external analog clock coming from a CV input, or with a pedal footswitch): Enable analog CV sync with SETTINGS > CV/PEDAL > CV IN MODE = CLOCK (or enable pedal sync with SETTINGS > CV/PEDAL > PEDAL HOT = CLOCK). Set the number of beats (or PPQN) the player will move forward each time Pyramid receive a clock with CV/PEDAL > INPUT SYNC. Select the tempo with BPM. Start the sync with an analog gate on the CV input (or by pressing your pedal). If SETTINGS > CV/PEDAL > CV IN MODE = CLOCK+STOP, use the GATE input to receive an analog STOP/PLAY (low state = STOP, high state = PLAY).
  • SEND CLOCK WHEN LOADING A PROJECT (to keep the sync with your midi instruments expecting clock from Pyramid): enable SETTINGS > MIDI OUT > SYNC LOAD = SEND CLOCK. Load a project: the clock will be sent during the loading. Your external instruments (eg a drum machine with an internal sequencer) will keep the sync. SETTINGS > MIDI OUT > MIDI A SYNC or MIDI B SYNC must be enable on the previous and next project. When loading is done, press PLAY: Pyramid and your outboard instruments will start to play from the beginning, allowing you to keep the perfect sync. When pressing PLAY after a load, will wait for the next bar to start the playback.
  • To not load the new BPM of a project, and so avoiding a BPM jump between two projects, hold 2ND while selecting a project to load.
  • CLOCK TIMEOUT: new SETTINGS > MIDI IN > CLOCK TIMEOUT = SHORT / LONG : When Pyramid lost the input midi clock, Pyramid will stop expecting external clock after 2 seconds (SHORT) or can wait 10s for an incoming clock (LONG).
  • At Pyramid startup, if a xxx.txt file is present inside the SD card root, Pyramid will load the file definitions. To enable this feature : SETTINGS > MISC > LOAD DEFINITION = ON. Pyramid will display the name of the CC (e.g. FILTER) if your current track has the same CHANNEL and OUTPUT as the instrument definition.
  • In the same way, you can also create NOTE definitions, in order to rename some notes (e.g. renaming C2 = “KICK”, D2 = “KICK”, …).
  • If an instrument's CC number is not contained in the .txt file, Pyramid will not display it in the CC messages list, allowing you to filter unused CC messages (only if SETTINGS > MISC > LOAD DEFINITION = FILTER CC). If an instrument's NOTE number is not contained in the .txt file, Pyramid will not display it in the piano roll, allowing you to filter unused notes (only if SETTINGS > MISC > LOAD DEFINITION = FILTER NOTE).
  • CALL INSTRUMENT: On any track, you can "call" an instrument (defined in the .txt file). It will auto-set the track name, the track channel and the track output. Press 2ND+TRACK to enter the track options menu, and select CALL. Then select the instrument you want to call in the list. Up to 16 instruments can be created. If an instrument is not defined, “...” will be displayed.
  • TRANSPOSE IN SYNC: new SETTINGS > MISC > INPUT SYNC = OFF, BEAT, 1 BAR, 2 BAR, 4 BAR : To delay a forthcoming transposition (when using a midi controller to transpose your selected PTRN tracks), enable this setting. The transposition of your tracks will now happen in sync (each BEAT, 1 BAR, 2 BAR, 4 BAR).
  • ANTI ECHO AUTO: Enable it with SETTINGS > MIDI IN >MIDI ECHO = AUTO MIDI A or AUTO MIDI B (depending on whether the midi loop is on output A ou B). Midi events received on the MIDI input will be ignored if they were previously sent on MIDI A or MIDI B, to avoid midi loops. It works differently than the MIDI ECHO = OFF, which is designed to simply not send the MIDI input events to the MIDI outputs.
  • PYRAMIDI: To mute/unmute a track (from TR01A to TR16D), you can use incoming CC messages (from CC1 to CC64) when SETTINGS > MIDI IN > PYRAMID is enable. If value = 0, the track will be muted. If value = 1, the track will be unmuted. If the value = 127, the track mute state will toggle.
  • 0.32V/OCTAVE: new SETTINGS > CV/PEDAL > CV OUT TYPE = 0.32V (for EMS Synthi users).
  • SETTINGS > CV/PEDAL > ASSIGN ENV OUT = START : Send a start level (high level) when Pyramid is playing, and send a stop level (low level) when Pyramid is stopped. SETTINGS > CV/PEDAL > ASSIGN ENV OUT = START + DIN SYNC : Same a the START parameter, but also send the din sync clock on the GATE output.
  • Now you can import TYPE 1 midi files in Pyramid to create a multi-pattern track.
  • New setting CV/PEDAL > PEDAL HOT/COLD > FREEZE SEQ (Now you can loop the running sequence if SEQ mode = PLAY and you have a chain of sequences. Same feature as pressing REC in SEQ mode).

PyraOS 2.3
july 25, 2017

Bug fixes
  • In SEQ mode, PLAY restarts on next sequence
  • Assign touchpad Y axis do not work in LIVE mode
  • Problem with track copy (with patterns and effect parameters automation)
  • Error 2032
  • Error 1259
  • Error 417
  • Error 290

PyraOS 2.20
july 12, 2017

Bug fixes
  • RAM memory management optimization
  • RAM memory hardfault fix (occuring on heavy projects)

PyraOS 2.10
june 20, 2017

Bug fixes
  • Long-press action trigger on STEP, TRACK and SEQ pads is set too short
  • ARP effect is OFF after loading a project
  • Multi-track recording problem when we REC notes on an empty track
  • When editing CC messages, they are always send on channel 01 midiA
  • CC midi import from logic stretching problem
  • Undo can change the midi output
  • Leds stability/blinking problem
  • USB can now send up to 64 midi events per ppqn, instead of 32
  • USB compatibility problem with Expert Sleepers FH-1 and Windows 7 64-bit
  • Error 1415
  • Error 698
  • Error 959
  • Freeze in stepmode CC when we paste or edit heavy automations

PyraOS 2.0
may 30, 2017

New features STEP mode
  • 2ND+COPY (without selecting any step) now copies all events of the current page
  • 2ND+PASTE (without selecting any step) now pastes from the first step of the current page
  • 2ND+DELETE now deletes all events of the current page
  • Chord learn in stepmode EUCLID: use an external controller (or the integrated keypad while pressing the main encoder) to input a chord instead of a note. You can change the chord with your external controller in all modes. Each track can store its own chord.
  • In stepmode NOTE or CHORD, hold 2ND and press a step to mute/unmute it (works in MONO/POLY editing).
New features TRACK mode
  • Assign the track channel to MASTER TRANSPOSE output (with TRACK+CHANNEL), in order to transpose any track which is 'TRSP' (TRANSPOSE ENABLED)
  • Quick channel output when TRACK+CHANNEL is selected: rotate encoder 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
  • ZOOM, LENGTH or SIGNATURE quick selection
    - press a pad (from 1 to 7) while holding TRACK+ZOOM to select the zoom (from /4 to x16)
    - press a pad (from 1 to 16) while holding TRACK+LENGTH to select the track length (from 1 to 16 bars)
    - press a pad (from 1 to 16) while holding TRACK+SIGNATURE to select the time signature left (from 1/x to 16/x)
  • In any mode, press 2ND+TRACK to enter TRACK SETTINGS: - NAME: set the track name - RUN: set the track run mode by selecting RUN - TRSP: select if the track can be transposed with a MASTER TRANSPOSE track. You can also transpose with an external keyboard (SETTINGS > MIDI IN > ASSIGN NOTE TO = MASTER TRANSPOSE) - PTRN: enable/disable patterns on the current track - PC MSB LSB: set default Program Change and Bank messages per tracks by rotating encoders 1, 2 and 3
  • In any mode, press STEP+A PAD to select a pattern (from P1 to P32)
  • In TRACK MODE, rotate the menu encoder right to enter the new trackmode PATTERN, in order to select a pattern, copy/paste/delete a pattern.
New features SEQ mode
  • New SEQ PERFORM option: FULL (play the full sequence length)
New features EFFECT
  • FX randomizer new parameter: NOTE LENGTH (when selected, enables the parameter GRID). Resizes all notes of the track to the selected grid, and then randomizes their length
  • FX scale new parameter options: STICK = FILTER (do not play notes outside the scale) and RAND1 and RAND2 (random scale)
  • In FX MANAGER, or in FX EDIT, press encoder 1, 2, 3 or 4 to directly enter an effect.
New features ASSIGN
  • Possibility to assign up to 4 analog inputs to control CC messages or FX parameters:
    - Plug a stereo 3.5 jack while holding ASSIGN
    - Assign the HOT and the COLD voltage
  • Assign a CC message (received from midi IN) to an other CC message or to a FX parameter: stop Pyramid and hold ASSIGN while sending the CC message on your midi controller.
New features SETTINGS
  • MIDI IN > ASSIGN NOTE TO = MASTER TRANSPOSE (the external keyboard will transpose all 'TRANSPOSE ENABLED' tracks)
  • MIDI IN > TRANSPOSE NOTE (to select the root note of the transposition)
  • CV/PEDAL > CV IN FINE and CV OUT FINE (from -100mV to +100mV)
  • MISC > STEP EDIT = ON / OFF (activate STEP EDIT by default)
  • If MIDI IN > PYRAMIDI activated, you can now mute/unmute track with an external keyboard: note 36 (C2) = mute/unmute track 01, note 99 (D7#) = mute/unmute track 64
  • If MIDI IN > PYRAMIDI activated, you can now select the previous sequence with the CC message 67 and the next sequence with the CC message 68.
    - MULTITRACK OFF (all received channels controls the current track)
    - MULTITRACK BANK A / MULTITRACK BANK B / MULTITRACK BANK C / MULTITRACK BANK D (received channel 01 controls the first track, received channel 02 controls the second track... of the selected bank)
    - CH01 ... CH16 (the selected channel controls the current track, other channels are sent thru MIDI A)
  • SAVE > SAVE TRACKS now save default tracks NAME, tracks TRANSPOSE ENABLE and tracks PATTERN ENABLE (together with track OUTPUT & CHANNEL)
  • MISC > PATTERN DELAY (INSTANT or SEQ PERFORM) select if, when you change the pattern in trackmode PATTERN, the change is instant or synced to SEQ PERFORM delay.
  • MISC > AUTO PATTERN = OFF / AT NEW SEQ (when you create a new sequence, patterns can be auto selected or not)
  • INFO > MIDI MONITOR IN / OUT (in order to display all inputted midi messages, and all outputted midi messages)
New features CV/GATE output
  • Calibration tool: power on Pyramid while pressing encoder 5 at startup.
  • Configure the ENV output as a second CV output to send note: hold TRACK+CHANNEL and rotate left the menu encoder while pressing it.
  • CV OUT voltage now consider the PITCH midi message (+1/-1 octave)
New features TOUCHPAD
  • Touchpad latency improved
  • Now, when the touchpad is assigned to SMARTPADS, a popup appears with the selected smartpads.
New features SCREEN
  • New track parameters display, with number of beats
  • New settings list display
  • Zoom is now /4 /2 x1 x2 x4 x8 x16 instead of 25% 50% 100% 200% 400% 800% 1600%
  • Program change now follow the midi writing standard and goes from 1 to 128 (instead of 0 to 127)
  • Note velocity, note length and note offset are now always displayed in STEP mode
  • New TRACK+DISP display
  • New SAVE/LOAD display
New features SAVE LOAD
  • NOTES and AUTOMATIONS are now saved in the same midi file (track01.mid, track02.mid, track03.mid, ...)
  • PATTERNS of a track are saved into a midi file, format 1 (multiple pattern file format)
  • Backup files are now saved in the folder BACKUP
Bug fixes
  • All bugs with PATTERNS and UNDO
  • USB problems with FH-1 and MacOS solved

PyraOS 1.3
february 2, 2017

Bug fixes
  • Pyraos error heap4.c (when editing CC or FX automation)
  • Pyraos freeze (when editing CC or FX automation)
  • Pyraos error SCREEN_FUNCTION.C
  • Pyraos error player_utils.c
  • Assigning an encoder is always GLOBAL
  • In settings, SETTINGS NOTE TO = OFF does not exist anymore
  • ENV CV out can't send pitch and aftertouch
  • Graphical improvements

PyraOS 1.0
november 25, 2016

New features STEP mode
  • New step edit in stepmode NOTE or CHORD: hold a step or a selection of steps to enter the step edit mode and:
    1. Rotate encoder 1 to transpose the selected notes
    2. Rotate encoder 2 to transpose the selected notes, by octaves
    3. Rotate encoder 3 to edit the velocity of the selected notes (from 0 to 127)
    4. Rotate encoder 4 to edit the length of the selected notes (from 1/32 to 16 steps)
    5. Rotate encoder 5 to edit the offset of the selected notes (from -50% to +99%)
    6. Press < or > to move a step horizontally
  • Rotate automation in stepmode EFFECTS or CC: hold 2ND and press < or >
  • In stepmode NOTE or stepmode CC MESSAGES, press STEP to go the next nearest note or the next nearest CC, press 2ND+STEP to enable the filter mode
  • Edit the selected value in stepmode EFFECTS or CC: you can now use the encoder 3 instead of the menu encoder
New features EFFECTS
  • New effect CC LFO: create CC waveforms in a flash
  • In CC LFO EDIT, press DISP to see the generated LFO
  • Change in the SCALE effect: now the notes are transposed before being scaled
New features SETTINGS
  • Settings > MIDI IN > ANTI ECHO
  • Settings > MIDI OUT > MIDI A MODE (turbo midi option)
  • Settings > CV/PEDAL > PEDAL HOT/COLD (tap tempo, previous sequence, next sequence options)
  • Settings > MISC > AUTOLOAD
  • Settings > MISC > STOP/PAUSE LED
  • Settings > MISC > PLAY/PAUSE PAD (mute option)
  • Settings > MISC > PLAY AT STARTUP
  • Settings > MISC > SIGNATURE
New features SAVE/LOAD
  • Track parameters are now saved, even if the track is empty
  • Confirmation box when NEW PROJECT is selected
  • Import of midi files "format 1" is now possible (in addition to the "format 0")
  • Import of midi files containing both notes an automation is now possible
Graphical improvements
  • Now the BPM 4/4 progression is displayed on each mode
  • The piano roll is now displaying the selection
  • New sequence progression (0% to 100%) in SEQ mode
  • New fonts
  • New piano roll when selecting a note in stepmode NOTE
Bug fixes
  • Double clocking when Pyramid is synced and output = midi out+thru
  • Track unsynced when unmuting a track in some cases
  • Encoders boucing problem
  • Aftertouch wrong values
  • Holding 2ND and rotating the menu encoder does not change the chord tonality in stepmode CHORD

PyraOS 0.87
august 4, 2016

Bug fixes
  • Importing .mid files from DAWs now fully works (tested with Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Atari, Studione, FL Studio)
  • Problem with relatch unmute tracks that become unsync
  • Touchpad driver improvements
  • Sequence can't be created when you select a new sequence and you create a track
  • When you create a new track, this track is active on all sequences
  • "go to the nearest note" did not always work"
  • Popup ENCODER ASSIGN blinking
  • Problem with loading some old projects
  • Smartpads scale display wrong notes on the scale
  • Humanizer FX and Chance FX improvements
  • Lot of rare PyraOs error fixes
  • Now you can change the track run modes in all modes
  • Now you can hard rec with the footswitch pedal
  • Now the last used mode is saved in the SD card
  • Improved midi countdown "sound"
  • Scale FX: now you can set a chromatic scale
  • When "clock stop = OFF" (settings), the position led in LIVE & STEP mode is not blinking anymore
  • All random-based FX (Humanizer, Randomizer, Chance, Arpeggiator) are now using a True Random Number generator algorithm
  • New FX selection display
  • New standard: muted tracks are always "dotted" on the screen
  • New popup when you COPY or PASTE or DELETE a track in LIVE mode
  • New popup MONO/POLY
  • New popup STEP EDITING
  • Step lock CC value is now displayed in normal DISP

PyraOS 0.86
june 17, 2016

New features LIVE mode
  • Looper: a new way to capture your performance, in the style of looper pedals! A rec (from the start) will start a loop recording, that means that the track length will grow with the track player position. To activate the looper feature, enter SETTINGS>MISC>LIVE LOOPER and select the looper time quantization.
  • Hard record: press 2ND+PLAY to activate a hard recording. This enable you to overwrite the previously recorded notes, like an "overdub OFF" recording.
  • Player tracking: now, the viewed page in LIVE mode always follows the player position.
  • Metronome: now, you have to press 2ND+LIVE to enable or disable the metronome. This feature is improved, metronome notes are shorter.
  • Played notes on keyboard pads: the processed & sent notes are displayed on the 13 keyboard pads, with low luminosity.
  • Quick copy/paste/delete track
New features STEP mode
  • New Piano Roll: with 13 notes displayed instead of 8 and beautiful black & white keyboard
  • Step-by-step chord learn with an external keyboard: each time a note is received on midi input, the selected note in stepmode NOTE is set with this note (for example C3#). You can also perform a chord with your external keyboard.
  • Player tracking: the viewed page in STEP mode can follow the player position if you press 2ND+DISP.
  • Go to the nearest note: a long press on a step (MONO EDITION enable) auto-select the nearest note of the step.
  • CC message stepmode is now the last stepmode: now it's easiest to enter stepmode CC messages
  • Prelisten a CC message: in the stepmode CC message, press the menu encoder to listen the dotted line value.
  • FX and CC logos when you scroll DISP view: each time you select a new CC message or a new FX parameter in the both stepmodes, a logo popup will appear, for a better navigation.
New features TRACK mode
  • Instant mute/unmute: Select if tracks mute/unmute are in sync with SEQ PERFORM (inst, beat, 1bar, 2bar, ...) or always instant with SETTINGS>MISC>TRACKS MUTE
New features SEQ mode
  • Sequence shorter that 1 bar: you can now set a sequence in the chain to be shorter than 1 bar (e.g. 1/4 bar = 1 beat, 2/4 bar = 2 beat, ...).
New features EFFECTS
  • FX Scale: this effect quantizes all note pitches to a defined scale in real time, to refine your melody.
  • FX Delay: this midi delay creates a copy of the original notes, simulating a normal delay effect, but using the velocity midi data.
  • FX Equalizer: this effect increases or decreases note velocities, according to the note pitch.
  • FX BPM: this effect enable you to create global tempo automations.
  • FX Note to CC: this effect converts a note parameter value (note pitch or note velocity) to a selected CC message (or to the midi "pitch bend", "aftertouch" or " program change").
  • FX Chance: this effect adds a probability to play a note or not. It's a great way to add variations to drums or melodies.
  • Quick EFFECT MANAGER selection: in the main EFFECT MANAGER window, press encoder 1 to enter the effect in slot 1. Press 2ND + encoder 1 to enable/disable the effect in slot 1...
New features ASSIGN
  • Assign a CC to GLOBAL: when assigning an encoder to a CC message, a new option appears: GLOBAL. That means that the CC messages will be sent on the channel of the selected track, instead of always being sent on the same channel.
  • Assign touchpad to smartpads: when assigning the touchpad, a new option appears: SMARTPADS. Now you can play the touchpad X axis to send chords (if the LIVE smartpads = CHORD) or scaled notes (if the LIVE smartpads = SCALE). You can also select the smartpads octave range (1, 2, 3 or 4 octaves) and the parameter controlled on the Y axis (note velocity, aftertouch, pitch bend or modulation wheel).
Other new features
  • BPM elastic shift: hold 2ND+BPM and slide the touchpad X axis to temporarily shift the tempo up or down. Very handy to manually syncing Pyramid with an external sound source (for example a turntable).
  • BPM double/divide: hold BPM and press < or > to double or divide the BPM in a flash.
  • Delete projects: in the LOAD project list, press 2ND+DELETE to remove a project definitively from the SD card (note: the backup project is not removed).
  • Default track settings applied on empty tracks: when you change track setting in SETTINGS>MISC (DEFAULT TRACK, DEFAULT ZOOM, DEFAULT LENGTH, DEFAULT TS, DEFAULT PERFORM), new track settings are applied directly on empty tracks. You don't have to restart Pyramid anymore.
  • Do not send midi clock when Pyramid is paused or stopped: new setting (SETTINGS>MIDI OUT>CLOCK STOP) to not output the midi clock message when the player is stopped or paused.
Last but not least
  • Bug fixes
  • More RAM memory, better CPU performances
  • Graphical improvement
  • Better led states

PyraOS 0.85
march 9, 2016

New features
  • Global track transpose, step transpose, selected steps transpose (hold REC or hold a step, rotate the menu encoder).
  • Automation step-lock style (hold a step, rotate the menu encoder).
  • Automation drawing with touchpad (hold REC, slide the touchpad).
  • Simply press ASSIGN to activate the "Encoder step edit" feature.
  • "Encoder step edit" feature improved, now works with the touchpad.
  • Mute/unmute tracks are now in sync (depending on the PERFORM option in SEQ mode).
  • Save sequence mute states on/off (press REC in TRACK mode).
  • TRACK mode DISP view improved, leds flashes when tracks send midi events.
  • Beat progression and sequence progression in SEQ mode.
  • Assign CC MESSAGES or FX PARAMETERS to analog inputs (hold assign and plug a jack into CV in or GATE in).
  • PYRAMiDi implementation chart, to control Pyramid with an external controller.
  • SAVE settings and SAVE track channels (accessible via SETTINGS menu).
  • Metronome ON/OFF (press 2ND + REC).
  • New I/O pictograms: CV in, CV out, USB in.
  • Default track parameters loaded at startup (zoom, length, time signatures) in SETTINGS > MISC.
  • Now you can play with an external keyboard (midi in) and change modes (LIVE, STEP, TRACK, SEQ) without stopping the external keyboard notes events.
  • You can now assign the ENV CV output to the din sync clock, to easily sync your modular system with a mini jack (SETTINGS > CV/PEDAL > ASSIGN ENV OUT > DIN SYNC).
  • You can now send the din sync clock only when the player is playing.
  • Better led brightness and states.
  • You can now scroll the track banks (tr01A>tr07A, tr08A>tr16A, tr01B>tr07B, ...) in TRACK mode DISP with the main encoder.

PyraOS 0.84
december 23, 2015

New features
  • In NOTE stepmode, you can now select the current note with a midi IN external keyboard: press a key while pressing the menu encoder to set the note (for example C3#).
  • USB midi in implementation: Pyramid is now able to receive USB midi messages: sync clock, start/pause/stop, notes, CC messages, pitch, aftertouch (same operation as the midi IN).
  • External clock mode recast, Pyramid now follows with a very low latency the tempo, without drifting. Better handling of start/pause/stop messages. Works perfectly with a master DAW, a master sequencer, an other Pyramid...

PyraOS 0.83
november 13, 2015

Graphic improvements
  • New project header
  • On all 4 modes, Pyramid now displays the current sequence and the next sequence to be played if there is one.
  • COPY pad, PASTE pad, DELETE pad and UNDO pad now blink to indicate the action is done.
  • New popups for assigned encoders (when clicking an assigned encoder).
  • Disabled effects in FX manager are now grey tinted.
  • Chord DISP: displays the piano roll on stepmode CHORD. Rotating the menu encoder allows you to move to the chord root note.
  • In CC MESSAGES stepmode and EFFECTS stepmode, a grid is displayed to help you to edit automations.
  • Notes exceeding the current page on the piano roll view are now displayed on the next page too. (stepmode NOTE and CHORD)
  • TRACK mode now displays the content of a track, either it is NOTES, EFFECTS, CC automations or FX automations.
New features STEP mode
  • Stepmode selection list is not circular anymore.
  • When changing the stepmode, passing over “EUCLID” no longer mutes the track.
  • Hold 2ND and press ASSIGN to enter the “5 encoders shortcuts” mode: in step mode, encoder 1 will control EUCLID STEPS, encoder 2 will control EUCLID FILLS, encoder 3 will control VELOCITY, encoder 4 will control LENGTH, encoder 5 will control OFFSET. When filter mode is activated, you can't use the 5 encoders to control CC messages and effect parameters. Exit this mode by pressing ASSIGN.
  • Filter mode: in stepmode NOTE and stepmode CC MESSAGES, double tap STEP to activate the filter, in order to scroll only through programmed notes or CC messages. double tap STEP to exit the filter mode.
  • Program Change midi messages are sent only if they was not sent before, to avoid sending them at each beginning of the loop. If you press 3 times STOP, Pyramid will resend all Program Changes of tracks, useful to be sure that all your PC are sent before playing a project.
  • In CC message stepmode, the default current CC value is now the first value set, instead of “0” (if an automation exist).
  • In stepmode CHORD, hold 2ND and rotate the menu encoder to select the tonality.
New features TRACK mode
  • BPM is displayed only if you press the BPM pad.
  • Configure tracks run modes: While in track mode, hold TRACK and rotate encoder menu to select the running mode (FREE, RELATCH, TRIG):
    FREE (no icon displayed under TR, default mode): when a new sequence starts, if the track was active in the last sequence, this track continues to play without restarting at its beginning. In other words, track keeps playing from its last position, useful for get the best out of polymetrics: tracks shift against each other.
    icon displayed under TR): when a new sequence starts, the track always restarts at its beginning. It's an easy way to sync your tracks.
    TRIG (
    icon displayed under TR): track is playing once at the beginning of the sequence, and does not loop. The track is simply triggered.
New features SEQ mode
  • SEQ mode: choose to PERFORM sequences (launch sequences after the selected number of bars or instantly), PLAY sequences (sequences arrangement will stop at the end of the chain) or LOOP sequences (sequences arrangement will loop at the end of the chain)
  • Now you can copy, paste & delete sequences.
  • When you add a sequence in the chain, Pyramid now displays the full length of the sequence. It's the number of bars after which all tracks are sync again, if using different track length. For example a sequence with a 3 bars length and a 4 length had a full length of 12 bars.
New features Save/load mode
  • Saving an existing project creates a backup file in the SD card, for example “BACKUP_PROJECT1”, to always keep an old version of your project.
New settings
  • Settings > Midi Out > Midi A Mode (midi out, midi thru, midi out + thru): select the behavior of midi A output port
  • Settings > Midi Out > Midi A Mode (midi out, midi thru, midi out + thru): select the behavior of midi B output port
  • Settings > Misc > Double Tap Mode (velocity, glide): in NOTE and CHORD stepmodes, double tap a pad to enter velocity accents or gliding notes. Glides only works with compatible synths, if two notes follow, the first one need to be double tapped to create a glide between these two notes).
  • Settings > Misc > Rec Countdown (off, current track, midi channel xx): activate a countdown before a recording in live mode, and choose on which midi channel the countdown (made with midi notes) is generated.
  • Settings > Misc > CC Assign (autorec off, autorec on): with autorec on, as soon as you assign a CC control and move it to set the value, an automation message is created to store this value (you can display it or remove it in stepmode CC MESSAGES). This message will be sent at the start of the track, so your synthesizer will always have the right set value.
  • Settings > Misc > Play pad (pause/continue, restart): If play/pause selected, a press on the PLAY pad will alternately play and pause the playback. If restart selected, a press on the PLAY pad will always restart the playback from the beginning.
  • Settings > Misc > Default track (mode free, mode relatch, mode trig): set the default run mode of new tracks.
  • Settings > Misc > Popup Assign (on click, on rotate): to display the assigned encoder popup when you click one of the 5 encoders, or when you rotate it.
  • Settings > Misc > Touchpad Relatch (no relatch, relatch value): if no relatch selected, the touchpad (assigned X or Y position) will keep it's last set value. If a value is selected (for example 0), the touchpad will send back this value when the touchpad is released.

PyraOS 0.82
september 21, 2015

New features
  • Effect manager now displays disabled effects.
  • Track view in track mode improved.
  • New icons for modes.
  • New option list for SEQ mode.

PyraOS 0.81
august 13, 2015

Bug fixes
  • Problem with sequences saving.
  • Problem with PROGRAM CHANGE messages saving, problem with .mid files transfert.
  • Problem with CC messages assignation random values.
  • Problem with TRACK SELECT on other banks.
  • Problem when the track contains more than 4 notes per ppqn.

PyraOS 0.80
july 31, 2015

New features
  • "Save/load in progress" new display
  • Higher octave in live mode
  • Selecting an empty sequence will copy the track mute states of the last sequence to this new sequence to improve live performance and avoid breaks
  • Better CC messages recording.

PyraOS 0.79
july 18, 2015

New features
  • save/load faster.

PyraOS 0.78
july 10, 2015

First version distributed with the batch #01, beta-tested.