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On Air

The 'On Air' mode turns the 16–pad matrix into a chromatic keyboard, that you can perform to play notes.

It's a great tool if you don't have an external MIDI keyboard controller with you.

To access this mode, hold  step  and Press O.

To quit this mode, press  step  or any other mode button.
On Air — Note layout
If you enable the mode 'On Air' on a NOTE track, the 16–pad will act as a chromatic note keyboard:

Thanks to the encoder, you can set the first note of this keyboard (for example C6 in the example above).

It's possible to play mono notes or polyphonic chords.
Press O to record your performance.

 Tip  Press  X  or  Y  to change the octave of the keyboard first note (C4, C5, C6, ...).

 Tip  Add a Scale effect to perform notes on a quantized scale and avoid “wrong” notes, and add an Arpeggiator for turning your performed chord into arpeggios!

When performing a note or a chord, this keyboard will "learn" the current note (or chord) for the  step  mode. For example, you can play a chord of 3 notes, then enter the  step  mode and add this chord on the step pads to edit your pattern:

On Air — Mod layout
When enabled on a MOD track, the 16–pad will act as a XY modulation controller:

Pressing one of these pads will play the associated modulation value. Recording is possible when O is enable.