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Sequence mode

In this mode, you will be able to arrange the patterns you have created in sequences. Those sequences can be launched in sync, or chained to create songs.

Sequences and patterns
In Hermod+, a sequence represents a collection of 16 patterns (P1 to P16). These patterns are variations of the same track.
For example, SEQ1 holds all the P1 of the 16 tracks.

Selecting SEQ2 would give you 16 fresh empty patterns for all of your tracks, allowing you to write a new section for your song.

Here is a brief summary of the actions that involve patterns in other modes of Hermod+ :

• Representation of the global architecture : LINK LINK
• Mute/unmute tracks (pattern level) : LINK LINK
• Mute/unmute effects (pattern level) : LINK LINK
• Set pattern values of effects parameters : LINK LINK
Chain sequences
Sequences can be chained together to form a "song".

To queue the different sequences that composes your song, hold  X  and Press one of the 16 padsmatrix pads.

To erase the queue, Press  X  briefly.

After Pressing play, the entire song will play in a loop, according to the RUN and SYNC parameters.

Sync values
To launch a new sequence, Press the corresponding 1...16 pad.
If the sequencer is already playing, the selected sequence will be launched after a certain duration, defined by the SYNC value.

Hold  X  and Rotate the encoder to set the SYNC value :

MODULO: The queued sequence will wait for the resynchronization of all sequences (least common multiple of all pattern lengths) to start.

1...16 + X BARS: The queued sequence will be launched after the set number of bars.
 Tip  When setting the SYNC value, Pressing the encoder while Scrolling allows for extra step level precision.

SHORTEST / LONGEST TRACK: The queued sequence will be launched upon the next reset of the shortest/longest track of the project.

SAME AS TR X: The queued sequence will be launched when the selected track resets.
 Tip  This is very useful to quickly set odd loops, and allows for step level precision.
Run modes
The RUN mode defines the behavior of your sequence changes.
Hold  Y  and Rotate the encoder to Select the RUN mode :

SYNC/INSTANT: Determines if sequences are launched in sync, or instantly upon Pressing.
RESTART/FREE: Determines if sequences will be forced to restart upon launch, or if they will simply continue to play from their current position.
Sequence edit menu
Press the encoder in  seq  mode to access the edit menu of the currently selected sequence.

You will be able to COPY the selected sequence. Simply select another sequence and enter its edit menu to PASTE it. To empty a sequence and its pattern content, use the CLEAR option.
Project Save Load
Hermod+ can load a project in the background, without stopping the playback, which really helps to create seamless transitions in your performances.

While in  seq  mode, Press the encoder and Select PROJECT SAVE LOAD :
  • SAVE : saves the current project.
  • SAVE AS : saves with a new name.
  • NEW : creates an empty project with default settings.
  • LOAD : loads a project from the SD card. This is also where you will be able to DELETE your projects.
 Note  After loading a project, the project you were working on will continue to play, without interrupting your performance. A popup will appear, asking you to swap the project in sync (at the end of the bar). You can choose to update the BPM of Hermod+ with the loaded project (press  Y ) or to keep the previous BPM (press  X ).

 Tip  You can also access the SAVE/LOAD menu by pressing  seq  two times.