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Enter the Randomizer menu

Hermod boasts a powerful randomizer. To enter the randomizer menu, select STEP mode, then press the encoder and select “randomize”.

The randomizer menu.

 Tip  This feature is very powerful to quickly create crazy note patterns. You can use a scale effect to make the result more "musical".

 Tip  If you are working on a MODULATION track, this tool will randomize the modulation automation!

 Tip  In Step mode, hold STEP and press  Y  to quickly randomize the current track.

 Tip  Hold a step and press  Y  to randomize this selection.

Randomizer Menu Options

● Randomize pattern will delete the existing pattern and add random notes according to the parameters.

● Randomize pitch changes only the note pitches.

● Randomize velocity changes only the note velocities.

● Randomize length changes only the note lengths.

The “rand parameters” submenu allows you to edit the range of the randomizer: quantize grid, number of note range, pitch range, velocity range and length range: