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Sequence mode

The Sequence mode

In Hermod, sequences are groups of 8 tracks with their respective effects, patterns, ModMatrix and settings. It is a snapshot of the current state of the sequencer.

SEQ mode allow you to jump between those sequences. Using sequences, you can create different part of a song, and arrange them live or play them in a “song” that will loop a chain of sequences. Seq mode is very simple and has very few options.


In SEQ mode, the screen will display current project name, sequence loop length, playback mode, the song chain, and a little overview of the tracks currently playing.

Selecting a sequence
To select a new sequence, simply press the associated pad
. If the sequencer is playing, the sequence will be launched depending on the playback mode parameter.

Press and hold  Y  and scroll the encoder to edit one of the 3 "PLAY" mode:

● Sequential (default): The sequence change will happen at the next beat corresponding to the loop length parameter
● Jump: the sequence will change immediatly and continue to play the new sequence at the same clock position
● Restart: the sequence change will happen at the next step and the new sequence will start at the beginning.

 Tip  You can cancel the scheduled sequence : when a sequence is armed to be played next, press this sequence again to cancel the scheduling.

Sequence loop length

The sequence loop length has two purposes: the position of the sequence change when in sequential mode, and the number of steps played in a sequence while a song is set.

To edit the seq loop length, press and hold  X  and scroll the encoder.

You can set LOOP to the following values:

 LOOP   SHORTEST   LONGEST   TRACK 1...8   FULL   0· ... 64 

 SHORTEST  length of the shortest track.
 LONGEST  length of the longest track.
 TRACK 1...8  length of the chosen track.
 FULL  the amount of time required for all the tracks to resolve together. Mathematically speaking, it's the LCM (Least Common Multiple) of all the track lengths.
 0· ... 64  the chosen amount, in beats (1/4 notes).

 Tip  Please note that clicking the encoder while rotating allows for 1/16th note precision, similarly to the Step Mode Track Length. One dot will appear for every extra 16th note. As such, the smallest possible length of one 1/16th note is notated "0·", a 15/16 length will be notated "3···", and a 9/8 length will be notated "4··".

 Tip  Changing the loop length will not reset your chain of sequences, allowing you to increase/decrease gradually the loop length of each sequence.

Setting a song

You can set up a chain of up to 8 sequences using a “song”.

To set a song, press and hold  X , and press the PAD to add sequences to the song. Press  X  again to delete the song.

Edit sequence menu

You can access the edit sequence menu by clicking the encoder. Same as the other modes, you can copy, paste and clear the selected sequence, as well as access the project manager menu.

 Tip  An other way to copy/paste a sequence is to duplicate it in sync. Select DUPLICATE TO, then select a new sequence with the 8 pads
.  This sequence will be launched in sync, and the previous sequence will be duplicated to this new sequence, enabling you to not break your workflow when playing live.

 Tip  If you only wish to copy the effects and their parameters, as well as the track layout from one track to another, without copying the notes and/or modulations, you can use DUPLICATE CORE TO.