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Simply Press  mute  to enter this mode.

 Note  If you Hold this button, you will not enter this mode but you will be able to mute tracks with groups. (Click here for more infoClick here for more info).

This mode lets you easily perfom with mutes of your 32 tracks in the same view (16–track × 2–project). You can also solo tracks, temporary toggle the final state and enable multitrack recording.

The left screen is showing the 16–track states of the project  proA , while the right screen is showing  proB  :

The vertical vumeters are showing midi activity (number of notes currently playing) per tracks:

The icons M (mute), S (solo), T (temporary toggle), and R (multitrack recording) are showing the track states when highlighted:

Thanks to the 128 pads, you get a direct access to the M S T R of your 32 tracks. The top rows represents the states of the project  proA , while the bottom rows represents  proB  :

Mute tracks
Press the MUTE row pads to instantly mute/unmute tracks of  proA  and  proB .

A muted track will highlight its pad:

 Tip  If a track has midi activity (notes are currently playing), its mute pad will blink if the track is unmuted.
Solo tracks
Press the SOLO row pads to instantly solo/unsolo tracks of  proA  and  proB .

If a track is solo, every other tracks will be silent. Only the solo track will play, even if this track is muted.

A solo track will highlight its pad:

 Tip  Hold a SOLO pad and Press other pads to solo multiple tracks.
Temporary toggle
Press the TOGGLE row pads to temporary toggle the track state (silent or playing) of  proA  and  proB . In other words, pressing toggle will momentary invert the mute state of the track.

Releasing the pad will untoogle the state.

A track toggle will highlight its pad:

In the example above:
• the  proA  TR01 is toggled: this track will be silent, as it was unmuted.
• the  proA  TR02 is toggled: this track will be playing, as it was muted.
• the  proA  TR03 is toggled: this track will be silent, as it was muted but solo (and solo override the mute state).
Multitrack recording
By default, pressing O will record only on one unique track : the active track. (Click here for more infoClick here for more info).

But thanks to this mode, you will be able to configure the multitrack recording.

Press the REC row pads to "arm" the recording state of your 16–track per project:

Then, pressing O will record your performance on all previously selected tracks. Of course, tracks will start to record only if there is MIDI or CV/GATE routed to their inputs.

 Tip  After "arming" your tracks, you can quit the Mixmute mode and multitrack O from any other mode.

 Note  Dual–project recording is not possible. Only the active project will allow its tracks to be recorded.

 Note  If the multitrack recording is enabled (at least one track is armed), the active track will not be recorded, only the armed tracks will be recorded.